Showroom de l'Atelier Jean Perzel - Paris

For a century, the Atelier Jean Perzel has embodied excellence in the art of lighting, illuminating the interiors of connoisseurs with pieces that are much more than simple light sources. These creations, true works of art, are the result of a perfect alchemy between innovation and tradition, design and functionality, art and craftsmanship.
Each lamp, each wall light, each pendant light tells a story, that of exceptional know-how and a ceaseless quest for beauty.

From the lamp No. 514, chosen by the decorators of the Normandy liner, to the floor lamp No. 41 E, symbol of timeless elegance, discover the most emblematic lighting fixtures from the Atelier Jean Perzel.

Lampe Jean Perzel 162 doré

Lamp No. 162

This lamp is certainly Perzel’s most representative model.
Inimitable, luxurious, timeless, prestigious, timeless, iconic,… it perfectly embodies the Art Deco style and Jean Perzel’s constant search for excellence.

In the 1930s, it proudly sat on the desk of Michel Roux-Spitz, the star architect of the time. And you will soon be able to admire the desk and lamp No. 162 at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris.

In addition to being a true work of art, its design is such that it can light up a room on its own. Exceptional power, without any glare: perfection by Jean Perzel!

Lampadaire Jean Perzel 38

Floor lamp No. 38

This light fixture is a perfect example of the goldsmith work carried out by our craftsmen in our workshop.

This exceptional piece consists of a cascade of seven optical glass cylinders, resting on four bronze rods with a tiered base.

Even more impressive than its big brother, the No. 13, this floor lamp brings a sculptural presence. With its majestic appearance, it rises like a monument of light.

Lampe Jean Perzel 509 bis PM Chrome

Desk lamp No. 509 BIS

It’s difficult to talk about Perzel’s emblematic lamps without mentioning the famous desk lamp No. 509 BIS, designed in 1929 for students at the Cité Universitaire of Paris.

The bronze cover, fixed to the top of the white opaline glass lampshade, pivots to modulate the light as you wish.

This lamp is a great classic, a collector’s item, which you can find both in luxury hotels and on prestigious offices, in a small or large version.

Plafonnier Jean Perzel 601 ter

Chandelier No. 601 or No. 601 TER

This hanging light was awarded in the 1936 International Lighting Competition. And it made history, as it was chosen to light the Council Chamber of the League of Nations in Geneva. The League of Nations, which a few years later, became the UN…
We also find it at the Cité internationale universitaire in Paris, in the United States Foundation.

Suspended by a single rod or by three, it illuminates all interiors, highlights all styles and enhances the ambiance of any room. Even a bathroom!

Luminaire Jean Perzel - Plafonnier 354 bis Chrome

Ceiling light No. 354 BIS

The ceiling light No. 354 BIS , in suspended version or not, is certainly one of the most popular lighting fixtures in the Perzel collection.

It notably lit the lounges and luxury apartments of the Normandy Liner and was highlighted in the very famous Exhibitions of Decorative Artists.

But you can also admire it in Barney’s department stores in New York, in luxury hotels in Dubai, the best restaurants in the world, and perhaps, soon, in your home!

Lampe Jean Perzel 514 doré

Lamp No. 514

Also ordered for the Normandy Liner, it is only natural that this iconic lamp from the Atelier Jean Perzel can be found today on luxury yachts. But also on the desks and in the living rooms of collectors around the world.

Admire this slender and refined line. It is the symbol of perfection in assembly and the nobility of materials.

Applique Jean Perzel 347 BV

Wall light No. 347 BV

From No. 341 to 348, you can find around ten relatively close models. Holders vary to perfectly suit your decor.
You can favor direct lighting with models composed of a glass bowl (like this model no. 347 BV), or indirect lighting with a bronze bowl.

Loft, restaurants, banks, performance halls, these wall lights are little jewels of elegance that blend in anywhere.

Lampe Jean Perzel 144 Chrome

Lamp No. 144

Present at the Salon of Decorative Arts in 1928, this lamp with movable shutters amazes with its ingenuity and its desire to illuminate while always protecting the view. It’s truely a Perzel icon.

The beveled glasses slide and the shutters open to provide you with optimal lighting. Ideal as a bedside lamp, but also perfect on a desk, it finds its place to beautify everything it illuminates.

Lampadaire Jean Perzel 41 E GM doré

Lampadaire n°41 E GM

The Normandy liner, the League of Nations in Geneva, the Museum of Modern Art in Paris… this floor lamp is in itself a magnificent representative of the Atelier Jean Perzel and a symbol of French luxury.

With its timeless silhouette, it has crossed the decades and places steeped in history without aging.

Another Perzel masterpiece that continues to inspire and illuminate the most exclusive spaces around the world!

Step through the door of our showroom in Paris or explore our online collection to find the piece(s) that will infuse your interior with a touch of history, a heritage of elegance and refinement. A soul !