Explore a century of light through the fascinating history of the Atelier Jean Perzel.
Jean Perzel and his lighting fixtures have been witnesses of History since the 1920s, revealing a rich and fascinating heritage. Dive into our luminous retrospective.


Helena Rubinstein: the Art Deco legacy of her artist's studio

French real estate agency Architecture de Collection is offering for sale a Parisian atelier in the Art Deco style. It was the Parisian home of the famous entrepreneur Helena Rubinstein, founder of the eponymous beauty brand. Who was…
Centenaire Atelier Jean Perzel

2023 : Centenary of the Atelier Jean Perzel

The year 2023 marks an exceptional milestone for Atelier Jean Perzel, as we proudly celebrate the centenary of our house.Over these 100 years, our workshop has left an indelible mark on the world of exceptional lighting. By always combining…
Livre d’art "Ateliers Jean Perzel – l’efficacité de la lumière" par Jean-Jacques Wattel

A century of lighting celebrated in an art book

This year 2023 marks the 100 YEARSof the Atelier Jean Perzel In the world of Decorative Art and lighting, the Ateliers Jean Perzel have been synonymous with excellence and innovation for a century now.To mark the centenary of our house,…
Perzel: 100 years of luminous history

Perzel: 100 years of luminous history

For a century, the Atelier Jean Perzel has illuminated the most prestigious interiors with exceptional creations. Our elegant and timeless art lights have stood the test of time, overcoming crises and aesthetic evolutions… without a single…
7 rue Mechain Paris - Perzel History

Art Deco Treasure : 7 rue Méchain - Paris

Robert Mallet-Stevens : 7 rue Méchain in Paris No. 7 rue Méchain in Paris hides the unique building of architect Robert Mallet-Stevens enrolled in the french inventory of historical monuments. Designed between 1928 and 1929, this building…
Histoire Paquebot Normandie Applique 650

Lights on The S.S. Normandie Liner

The Normandie liner has left an indelible mark in history : it embodies the highest expression of what can be a dream ship. Beautifully designed, superiorly elegant, with amenities of a refinement and an unrivaled luxury, the SS Normandie…
Ceiling Lamp 354 bis

Jean Perzel at the "Artists Decorators Exhibition"

1932's Artists Decorators Exhibition Parisian event : "Salon des artistes décorateurs" Created in 1904, the "Salon des artistes décorateurs" (or SAD) is a parisian event bringing together, via a huge exhibition, all leading architects…
History 601

Jean Perzel & the League of Nations

Jean Perzel and the lighting of the League of Nations Our ceiling light No. 601 illuminate the Council Chamber Jean Perzel received in 1928 the first prize in the lighting contest of Decorators and four first prize for its fixtures…
History 509BIS

Lamp 509 Bis at the Cité Universitaire

The Cité Universitaire The Cité Universitaire in Paris, located in the 14th district - near the Atelier Jean Perzel - was created to unify, after the First World War, students from around the world. It has also been designed as a response…