Explore our custom-made lighting designed especially for professionals in interior design, hotels, restaurants, and many other fields.
Chosen by the greatest names in architecture and decoration since 1923, Perzel is the partner of choice to enhance and illuminate your projects.

Hotel Rialto Varsovie, Lampe 313 bis Atelier Jean Perzel

Lighting in luxury hotels

When you walk through the doors of a luxury hotel, you immediately feel welcomed by the surroundings. Admire… Here, every detail is designed to provide you with a pure sensation of well-being. To create a true alchemy that transforms a magnificent…
Eclairage de luxe pour Yacht

Luxury lighting for yachts

When we talk about luxury yachts, our attention naturally turns to their cutting-edge equipment and spectacular decoration. These exceptional ships are much more than just means of cruising. And their aura of timeless…
Les luminaires d'art s'invitent au restaurant

Art lighting fixtures in restaurants

Do you know the special features of Perzel luminaires?Their light doesn't just illuminate, it sublimates! Carefully. Delicately. It beautifies faces and enhances works of art. Interior designers, and luxury professionals in general, know this…
NEVA Bosquet - Luminaires Jean Perzel

Lights on the Bosquet project by NEVA Architecture

This beautiful apartment in the 7th arrondissement of Paris has been renovated and decorated by NEVA Architecture.Created by Margaux Carnevali, this interior design agency creates sustainable and unique spaces that respect the personality,…
Victoria Hagan Peter Pennoyer Manhattan Art Deco Appartement

Art Deco Apartment by Victoria Hagan

Victoria Hagan Interiors Since the foundation of her eponymous business 25 years ago, Victoria Hagan has been celebrated for her work, impressively blending architectural and interior design. As Jean Perzel, Victoria Hagan celebrates the…