NEVA Bosquet - Luminaires Jean Perzel

This beautiful apartment in the 7th arrondissement of Paris has been renovated and decorated by NEVA Architecture.
Created by Margaux Carnevali, this interior design agency creates sustainable and unique spaces that respect the personality, tastes, desires and constraints of its customers.

To highlight this project, NEVA has chosen Atelier Jean Perzel to bring a touch both retro and modern to this beautiful apartment.
Different shapes and models of luminaires have been chosen to delimit each space.
For example, the visual separation between the living room and the dining room, separated by a wall before the renovation, has been recreated to delimit these two spaces thanks to a custom furniture and two ceiling lights by Jean Perzel corresponding to the shape of the piece they illuminate: a ceiling lamp REF. 359 for the living room, and a REF. 350 for the dining room.
In the living room, a superb bow window is put forward as a separate piece, dedicated to chess games. This space is illuminated by two beautiful wall lights n ° 326 A.
As for the beautiful entrance, it is illuminated by the beautiful light through the custom stained glass and by a nice design ceiling light with high light output, reference No. 2045 signed Jean Perzel.

Thanks to the expertise of the NEVA Interior Design agency, this apartment with a sophisticated decoration manages to blend the modern side with the more classic notes of the Haussmann apartments.

NEVA Architecture Intérieure
7 rue Daniel Stern – 75015 Paris