Jean Perzel Lightings

Jean Perzel light fixtures are exceptional art lightings but also functional pieces, enlightened. Jean Perzel never intend to make his creations stand out but instead the faces, surrounding objects, interiors.

Here you can find a selection of Jean Perzel lightings and creations : lamps, wall lights, hanging lamps, ceiling lights, floor lamps, reading lamps as well as pieces of furniture such as glass consoles, desks and pedestal tables.
All the pieces coming out of our workshop are still handcrafted, as in 1923. Our production does not include any mass production in order to preserve the tradition and flexibility of adaptation for each customer, as we have always done.
Since 1923, Jean Perzel luminaires have been created with a passion for authenticity, pure materials and noble finishes, in a constant concern for quality, beauty and comfort.

Les Sélections