Hanging lamps

At the Atelier Jean Perzel, history is woven into every filament of light, every delicate curve and every sparkling shine. The hanging lamps and chandeliers presented here embody the quintessence of refinement and exclusivity. An invitation to dive into a world where the past harmoniously intertwines with the present, to create lightings that transcend time.

Since 1923, the Atelier Jean Perzel has perpetuated a tradition of excellence. Each creation is the fruit of meticulous attention to detail, inherited know-how and a burning desire to create lightings that embody supreme sophistication.

The Atelier Jean Perzel’s high-end chandeliers illuminate your space with majestic elegance. Each hanging lamps is designed to be a timeless centerpiece in your home’s décor.

In fact, they are much more than just light sources. They are functional works of art that fuse art, practicality and engineering in perfect symbiosis.
Looking for direct lighting to enhance every detail? Or an ambient lighting to bathe your space in a beautiful aura? The Atelier Jean Perzel’s creations meet all your expectations. Some models have even been designed to offer both types of lighting simultaneously. An innovation that underlines our workshop’s artistic ingenuity.

A unique piece, crafted to order with infinite care. The Atelier Jean Perzel knows that each interior is unique. This is why the height of the rods can be adjusted to harmoniously adapt to the configuration of your space. This tailor-made attention gives each suspension an aura of uniqueness that reflects you.

Browse through our collection of high-end chandeliers and suspensions. And discover these lighting fixtures that bring together history and luxury, celebrating timeless beauty and the past, eternally shining in the present.