The high-end lamps by the Atelier Jean Perzel provide a luxurious and refined addition to the lighting of your interior. Indeed, Jean Perzel was a true precursor of modern lighting by creating luxurious lamps, both functional and decorative, with a very high luminous efficiency and exceptional visual comfort. Manufactured individually and according to the wishes of our customers since 1923, the high-end lamps of the Atelier Jean Perzel are proof of an unrivaled French know-how. Selected and used by the great architects and decorators from the 20s to the present day, our luxury lamps are functional lighting objects, elegant and timeless.

The Atelier Jean Perzel will satisfy all your lighting needs, and especially in high-end lamps : whether you are looking for a table lamp, a quality desk lamp for efficient work or a bedside lamp with a comfortable and ergonomic lighting.