Floor Lights

Welcome to the prestigious world of the Atelier Jean Perzel’s floor lamps. Let yourself be transported into a world of timeless elegance and exceptional craftsmanship.
For a century, our Parisian company has embodied excellence in the creation of exceptional lighting. And our floor lamps are no exception to this rule.

Each floor lamp created by the Atelier Jean Perzel is much more than a simple light fixture. It is a work of art illuminating your interior with sophistication and refinement. Our craftsmen, heirs of an ancestral know-how, transmit from generation to generation their passion and their expertise to offer you unique pieces. Indeed, each piece is meticulously assembled by hand in our Parisian workshop, respecting the centuries-old traditions that have made our house famous.

By discovering these floor lamps, you enter a world where light becomes poetry. Inspired by the timeless elegance of modernism, Art Deco and contemporary design, our creations seamlessly blend tradition and modernity. Thus, every detail is carefully thought out. Every curve and every line is a testament to the attention paid to aesthetic perfection.
Our floor lamps are designed to transcend eras and become collector’s items. This is why they are the expression of refined taste, passion for history and love of luxury.

Whether you want to illuminate your living room, your library or your art gallery, our floor lamps will enhance your spaces.
These luxury floor lights offer many possibilities : a general ambient light with a special glass made by Jean Perzel, skilled glassmaker, making the most of the light source while maintaining a diffuse light ; or an indirect light with a bronze bowl, thanks to the know-how of our bronze-artists, who can completely illuminate a room. Some of Jean Perzel’s luxury floor lights are particularly suitable for reading or lighting an area below, amplifying the light by projecting a concentrated and precise halo, with an exceptional visual comfort. You can find them in our selection of reading lamps.

By choosing a floor lamp from the Atelier Jean Perzel, you are acquiring an exceptional piece that bears witness to your artistic sensibility and your taste for excellence. You will then be able to experience the timeless elegance of our floor lamps. As you will have understood, each piece bears witness to the exceptional french know-how that has driven us for a century.
In conclusion, discover our models and let yourself be seduced by the beauty of our creations. Give your interior a touch of luxury and sophistication that will last for generations.