Discover the captivating world of craftsmanship of the Atelier Jean Perzel, where the past meets the present. Explore our emblematic workshops, admire the ancestral gestures and the exceptional craftsmanship that give birth to our timeless luxury lighting fixtures. Immerse yourself in the soul of our artisanal know-how, preserved for a century.

Savoir-faire & Gestes de l'Atelier Jean Perzel

The spirit of gesture: Perzel know-how

Light as an obsession An article by Elsa Cau - Photos by Nicolas Melemis for Geste/s magazine. Born of the Art Deco movement and a perfect illustration of its pure, timeless forms and precious elegance, Jean Perzel has just celebrated…
Luminaires authentiques made in France, Lampe 234 Jean Perzel

Discovering authentic lighting made in France

Authentic lighting fixtures are much more than just light sources. They represent the very essence of traditional French craftsmanship, combining ancestral know-how with timeless aesthetics. Let's dive into the world of authentic lighting fixtures,…
Luminaires de luxe uniques et durables

Unique, sustainable luxury lightings

"Sustainability". A word that we hear everywhere. But when it comes to Perzel lighting, it's not just a buzzword. It is a promise. A promise engraved in bronze, brass and glass. For 100 years! Perzel lighting fixtures…
Héritage et innovation dans l'Atelier Jean Perzel

Heritage and innovation: Perzel's perpetual brilliance

Over the past 100 years, Atelier Jean Perzel has made its mark on history, leaving its imprint in some of the world's most prestigious locations. And this is no accident. Behind every Perzel luxury luminaire lies the passion for light of an…
Perzel compendium of artistic crafts

Perzel : a compendium of artistic crafts

On the occasion of the European Crafts Days (March 31, April 1 and 2, 2017), the magazine Connaissance des Arts presents its special issue devoted to crafts in France, including six beautiful pages dedicated to Jean Perzel Workshop.A…