Luminaires authentiques made in France, Lampe 234 Jean Perzel

Authentic lighting fixtures are much more than just light sources. They represent the very essence of traditional French craftsmanship, combining ancestral know-how with timeless aesthetics. Let’s dive into the world of authentic lighting fixtures, made in France. And let’s explore what makes them so unique and precious.

Atelier Jean Perzel
Glass work on lapidary dating from the 1920s “the soul of the Perzel house”.

Traditional craftsmanship, the heart of authenticity

At the heart of authentic lighting lies meticulous traditional craftsmanship. Each piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans. They perpetuate techniques and know-how handed down from generation to generation. This artisanal approach lends luminaires incomparable quality and authenticity.

The Atelier Jean Perzel, for example, perfectly embodies this traditional craftsmanship. Founded in 1923, this workshop has preserved the artisanal manufacturing methods for which it is renowned. Recognized for its excellence, the Atelier Jean Perzel has even been awarded by the french label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company). This distinction is awarded by the government to French companies with outstanding craftsmanship and industrial know-how.
This governmental label promotes French craftsmanship and cultural heritage, while guaranteeing customers the quality and authenticity of our products.

This recognition testifies to Atelier Jean Perzel’s commitment to preserving artisan traditions and its role in passing on French craftsmanship.

High quality materials

A guarantee of durability

Authentic French lighting fixtures are designed from high-quality materials, selected for their durability and aesthetic appeal.
From bronze to glass to brass… Each component must be chosen with care to ensure the longevity and beauty of our creations.

The Atelier Jean Perzel’s craftsmen work with meticulous precision to shape these high-quality materials into long-lasting lighting fixtures. This attention to materials guarantees luminaires that will endure the decades without losing their lustre.

In the workshop, quality materials are worked and assembled by hand…

Timeless design

Elegance that stands the test of time

In addition to these quality materials, authentic luminaires must also stand out for their timeless design. A design that can transcend ephemeral trends and retain its elegance and aesthetic relevance over the years.
An authentic luminaire of this type must be much more than a light source. It becomes a timeless piece of decoration, discreet as required… But capable of embellishing any space in a timeless way. What’s more, it can be integrated into any decor, be it a very classic or ultra-contemporary interior, a loft, a restaurant, a yacht, or any other environment.

Witness of History…

Authentic luminaires carry a rich and fascinating history. They bear witness to a centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship, handed down through generations.
At the Atelier Jean Perzel, each luminaire tells a story, capturing the essence of a specific time or place. As such, they are much more than mere decorative objects; handcrafted since 1923 in the heart of Paris, they are precious, enduring, rich cultural artifacts.

Lampadaire 13 C - Atelier Jean Perzel
Floor lamp 13 C… right, an interior by Michel Roux-Spitz in the 1930s, left, an interior by Peter Pennoyer in the 2020s. Two renowned architects, 90 years apart…

Sustainable Investment

For all these reasons, authentic lighting fixtures are lasting investments, both financially and sentimentally.
In addition to the benefits of exceptional lighting, their exceptional quality, durability and artistic value are real assets. These luminaires become family heirlooms, full of memories and meaning, standing the test of time with elegance and distinction.
True treasures to be cherished, their value goes far beyond their primary function of lighting, making them unique pieces that enrich and illuminate spaces with their beauty and authenticity.

For those looking for fixtures that transcend ephemeral trends, the Atelier Jean Perzel fixtures are simply a must-have option.
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