Les luminaires d'art s'invitent au restaurant

Do you know the special features of Perzel luminaires?
Their light doesn’t just illuminate, it sublimates! Carefully. Delicately. It beautifies faces and enhances works of art. Interior designers, and luxury professionals in general, know this well.

So when the Atelier Jean Perzel is present in a restaurant, expect a refined gastronomic experience. Light doesn’t just set the scene. It intensifies flavors. It creates an enveloping sense of well-being that makes every bite more intense.

Wall lights, chandeliers and ceiling lights are the silent accomplices of an unforgettable moment. The guardians of an atmosphere both intimate and grandiose.

Perzel wall lights: the discreet signature of a luxury restaurant

In the world of high-end catering, every detail counts. On the plate and in the dining room. And when it comes to creating an atmosphere that’s both elegant and welcoming, Perzel wall lamps are invaluable allies. Their timeless design allows restaurant owners to choose the fixture that perfectly matches their space and concept.

The subtle light of Perzel sconces accentuates decorative elements and creates a warm ambience, as at Le Pichet de Paris, Le Très Particulier in Montmartre, Le Fumoir opposite the Louvre… or at the Bistrot de Flandre in Compiègne or the Taverne Massena, one of Nice’s most renowned brasseries.

But not all Perzel sconces are discreet. The wall lamps No. 1137 in the Virtus restaurant are key pieces in this bold decor. As are the sculptural sconces No. 320 in the Maison Nordique restaurant in Paris. Or the wall lights No. 521 A, real collector’s items, in the Cafe Luxembourg in New York.

Perzel ceiling lights in restaurants: luminous works of art serving refinement

Perzel ceiling lights are veritable sculptures, works of art that dominate the space. Unmistakable among a thousand, these ceiling lights are the result of the craftsmanship and precision for which the Atelier Jean Perzel has been renowned for 100 years.

Their powerful, yet never blinding, light creates an enveloping atmosphere that enhances any room.

Spotlight on 4 timeless lighting models…

The ceiling light No. 350, a great classic from the Atelier Jean Perzel, can be found at Le Central, an emblematic restaurant of Trouville, at Le Winston in Neuilly-sur-Seine and at Le Pichet de Paris in its suspended version, the model No. 350 S.

The ceiling light No. 354 bis already lit the lounges of the Normandie liner. This collector’s item particularly highlights the wooden walls and the warm atmosphere of the Central in Trouville. But also the large, more modern volumes of the Rheinhotel Schulz, in Germany.

Another model present on the Normandie, the ceiling light No. 373. It appeals to restaurateurs around the world. At the Cafe Luxembourg in New York, at the Restaurant Hotel Dinamo in Baku in Azerbaijan, or at the Rheinhotel Schulz in Germany… This model knows how to find its place in all styles… and make them shine.

And finally the ceiling light No. 359, which also conquered New York at the Café Cluny.

Café Cluny NY - REF. 359
Café Cluny NY - REF. 359

Perzel table lamps: selective lighting for a privileged gastronomic experience

When it comes to luxury dining, lighting plays a crucial role, and table lamps are no exception.

The collection lamp model No. 817 M by the Atelier Jean Perzel, featured at Le Fumoir in Paris, creates a private space, a bubble of serenity that lends a certain privilege to the tables equipped with it.

As for the lamp No.162, an emblematic creation from 1927, it stands out for its versatility and prestigious design. You’ll find it at the Café des Arts in Bordeaux, the Central or the Virtus, where it contributes to the overall ambience of a high-end restaurant.

Perzel outdoor lighting: sublimating open spaces in restaurants

Outdoor spaces are extensions of the elegance and refinement that characterize the interior of a restaurant. This is where the Atelier Jean Perzel’s outdoor lighting solutions come into play.

At the Fuxia restaurant in Paris, the outdoor wall light No. 1045 face GM does more than just illuminate the terrace. Thanks to its robust design and multi-faceted glass, it creates a modular lighting ambience capable of withstanding the elements.

For its part, the Très Particulier in Montmartre relies on the outdoor sconce No. 1119 to add a touch of sophistication to the charming veranda of this private mansion.

From Paris to New York, Bordeaux to Baku, since 100 years, Perzel luminaires have established themselves as a high-end lighting signature in the world of gourmet dining. These masterpieces of craftsmanship are custom-designed, specifically adapted to the space of each restaurant.

Discover these exceptional fixtures for yourself. Enjoy a delicious meal in one of the many restaurants lit by the Atelier Jean Perzel!
But you can also find them in theaters and the world’s finest hotels