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Art lighting fixtures in restaurants

Do you know the special features of Perzel luminaires?Their light doesn’t just illuminate, it sublimates! Carefully. Delicately. It beautifies faces and enhances works of art. Interior designers, and luxury professionals in general, know this well. So when the Atelier Jean Perzel is present in a restaurant, expect a refined gastronomic experience. Light doesn’t just set […]

The Art of high-end lighting for your home

You are an interior designer looking for that rare pearl, the perfect art light to enhance your work? Or you are an individual looking for elegant lighting that provides optimal light for your loft or dining room? Perzel art lighting meet all your expectations. And even more. You think that the Atelier Jean Perzel makes […]


A century of lighting celebrated in an art book

This year 2023 marks the 100 YEARSof the Atelier Jean Perzel In the world of Decorative Art and lighting, the Ateliers Jean Perzel have been synonymous with excellence and innovation for a century now.To mark the centenary of our house, Jean-Jacques Wattel, renowned expert in Decorative Arts of the 20th century, published an exceptional art […]


Perzel: 100 years of luminous history

For a century, the Atelier Jean Perzel has illuminated the most prestigious interiors with exceptional creations. Our elegant and timeless art lights have stood the test of time, overcoming crises and aesthetic evolutions… without a single wrinkle! 100 years old and still as modern as ever?Yes, we have a secret. And it can be summed […]