Hotel Rialto Varsovie, Lampe 313 bis Atelier Jean Perzel

When you walk through the doors of a luxury hotel, you immediately feel welcomed by the surroundings. Admire… Here, every detail is designed to provide you with a pure sensation of well-being. To create a true alchemy that transforms a magnificent setting into a sanctuary of comfort and luxury. Have you noticed how lighting plays a key role in this alchemy?
The lighting fixtures chosen to sublimate lobbies and dining rooms, bedrooms and suites, bathrooms and terraces contribute to the unique atmosphere of each space. Among these enlightened choices, Perzel lighting fixtures stand out for their timeless elegance.

The Perzel brand: synonymous with luxury and excellence 

Since its creation in 1923, Atelier Jean Perzel has embodied excellence in the world of luxury lighting design.
His presence in the most prestigious interiors, notably on the legendary liner Normandie, testifies to his ability to create pieces that are true works of art

But, what are the characteristics of the Perzel brand?

  • Exceptional quality

Noble materials, perfect finishes… the brand is synonymous with the highest quality. Each piece is carefully crafted by the expert hands of passionate artisans.

  • Century-old craftsmanship

Master bronzier, master glassmaker, sandblaster and varnisher have been perpetuating the same gestures for 100 years. The Atelier Jean Perzel’s workshop has not moved. The premises are still on rue de la Cité Universitaire in Paris. And in the basement, the craft techniques have remained the same, making each luminaire a unique piece.

  • Elegant and timeless design

Perzel creations are renowned for their clean, elegant aesthetic, embodying a timeless style that blends harmoniously into a variety of environments, from classic to contemporary.

  • Light and comfort or the comfort of light

Jean Perzel’s approach to lighting was that of a scientist in search of the perfect structure. This master glassmaker has transposed his knowledge of stained glass to electric lamps. And each of Perzel’s luminaires is designed to enhance the visual experience and well-being of users.

  • Bespoke lighting fixtures

Perzel luminaires are made to order by hand. We take into account the dimensions of your room and your specific needs to create a unique work of lighting.

It’s no coincidence that Perzel luminaires grace the interiors of the world’s most prestigious establishments. The prestige of the Perzel brand is internationally recognized. And luxury hotels are the perfect showcase.

Perzel and the luxury hotel industry: a strategic alliance 

The association between Perzel and the luxury hotel industry is based on a shared vision of exception.
For hotels, selecting Perzel means choosing a partner capable of bringing a unique lighting signature to their spaces. Lighting fixtures to suit every style. And that enhance the ambience of even the most luxurious spaces. As here, in the Eiffel Suite of the Plaza Athénée hotel in Paris, with the sculptural presence of Perzel’s iconic lamp: the N°162.

Plaza Athénée - Suite Eiffel - REF. 162

This ability to harmonize with a multitude of decors, while adding a touch of modernity AND authenticity, underscores Perzel’s genius.

The worldwide presence of Perzel lightings in luxury hotels located in iconic cities such as Paris, New York and Dubai testifies to the brand’s universality, timelessness and exceptional versatility

Perzel lights up the world’s luxury hotels

A symbol of refinement, Perzel transcends cultures and architectural styles to establish itself in the four corners of the world.

In Paris of course!!
The outdoor sconce N°1151 welcomes you to the Hôtel de Castiglione, while the N°1119, through its crackled “mouth-blown” glass, lights up the patio at the Hôtel Particulier in Montmartre.
In the same establishment, you can also sip a tasty cocktail in their secret, sensual bar Le Très Particulier, lit by Perzel’s sconces N°1142.

The Dorchester Hotel in London, meanwhile, selected sconces N°313 A bis in various suites. These sconces with pivoting covers are perfect for modulating the intensity of light around a dressing table or in a bathroom, without ever dazzling. The best solution for gently awakening luminosity and even skin tone.

In New York, sconces N°1252 blend perfectly with the luxurious design of this sublime bathroom at the Peninsula Hotel, on Manhattan’s iconic 5th Avenue.
With light like this, you’ll enjoy getting all dressed up!

Hotel The Peninsula, NYC 5th Ave - Applique 1252 Atelier Jean Perzel

At The Ritz-Carlton Residences Hotel in Hawaii, it is the wall lights N°76 that enhance your face.

Ritz Honolulu - REF. 76

And if you like the cosmopolitan energy of central Dubai, the Address Boulevard hotel is particularly well located. In this penthouse, pendant lights N°354 bis S and sconces N°326 A illuminate the room after dark.

The Address Boulevard Penthouse Dubaï - Lightings by Jean Perzel REF. 326 A / REF. 354 bis S

At every destination, you can find Perzel’s distinctive light imprint.
But some hotels are a little more in love with Perzel fixtures than others.

Luxury hotels that favor Perzel lighting

Here are 3 hotels which are also magnificent showcases of luminous art by the Atelier Jean Perzel.

Plaza Athénée – Paris

The Plaza Athénée palace in Paris, located near the Champs-Élysées in Paris, has chosen several models of lighting fixtures by the Atelier Jean Perzel to illuminate its large luxury suites. In a timeless Parisian chic decor, most with a magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower, these Art Deco pieces add an incomparable touch of class. Discover some of these luminous creations below, which enhance the elegance of this iconic establishment.

Hôtel Dinamo – Baku

The Dimano Hotel in Baku illuminates its bar (suspension N°6 C bis), its lobby (ceiling light N°165 ter), its bathrooms (sconces N°1252) and its dining room (ceiling light N°373) with Perzel fixtures. 

Hôtel de Paris – Monte Carlo

In the superb Princess Grace Suite in Monaco, you can enjoy the sea view during the day. And the soft, perfect light of Perzel fixtures the rest of the time.

While the lamps N°509 bis and N°313 bis are discreet, the N°944 pendant lights specifically customized at the architect’s request for this bathroom are particularly creative. As for the dressing room, the choice of your wardrobe is certainly simpler, also illuminated by suspensions… N°944. Surprising, isn’t it?

Whatever the style of the hotel, Perzel luminaires integrate with exceptional harmony into any decor.
Their versatility enables them to bring a touch of modernity where it’s wanted, while transcending ephemeral trends with their timeless elegance, offering an atmosphere of incomparable luxury and refinement.