The Normandie liner has left an indelible mark in history : it embodies the highest expression of what can be a dream ship. Beautifully designed, superiorly elegant, with amenities of a refinement and an unrivaled luxury, the SS Normandie was the largest and fastest ship of its time.

Stairs to the Grand Salon - Paquebot Normandie
Stairs to the Grand Salon – Paquebot Normandie

Normandie Liner

Sailing only four years, from 1935 to 1939, for the General Transatlantic Company, the Normandie Liner still remains a legendary ship. Indeed, it was, at the time, a real showcase for the France: the best technology, an unheard luxury and an impeccable service.
The Normandie Liner was also the fastest liner of its time. During its maiden voyage on May 29 1935, it finally gave France the famous Blue Ribbon, awarded to the liner crossing the Atlantic the fastest.
The best French craftsmen and the most renowned artists of the time were mobilized for the manufacturing and participated on the project, making the SS Normandie a work of unparalleled art. Every detail of this legendary ship made it the ship of all superlatives.

Normandie Liner lightings by Jean Perzel

In the 30s, Jean Perzel reputation is such, that he was responsible for illuminating the SS Normandie.
Many Jean Perzel lightings were presents and illuminated the Normandie liner like our Sconces No. 650 that adorned the walls of a luxury apartment. Sumptuous materials, in particular, the diamond cut glass slabs, supported by a fine bronze mounting. Like Normandie liner, it was created at a time when there was a true art of living.