Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo – Diamond Suite Princesse Grace – Lampe 944 personnalisée en suspension Atelier Jean Perzel

Your space deserves extraordinary light. A unique piece that will define the soul of your interior. With Perzel, you create the perfect custom-made luxury light fixture. A centerpiece for your decor.

With unrivalled precision and a passion for excellence, the Atelier Jean Perzel carves, sculpts and shapes your project, so that every detail matches your expectations. So that your light becomes a work of art.

Excellent craftsmanship for a unique luminaire

At the heart of the Atelier Jean Perzel, craftsmanship is king. Here, each bespoke luxury lighting is the fruit of ancestral know-how, patiently handed down from generation to generation.

Founded by Jean Perzel, a visionary master glassmaker, the workshop has embodied the excellence of French craftsmanship since its creation in 1923.
A century later, the same gestures are painstakingly and passionately repeated. Today, this tradition of excellence is recognized by the french label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company), a guarantee of rare expertise and unrivalled quality.

Each piece is designed with meticulous care. It passes through the hands of the master glassmaker, the master bronzier, the sandblaster and the varnisher. In all, it takes between 40 and 250 hours of work to create a Perzel-signed art luminaire.
The materials used are chosen for their quality and durability. Optical glass, bronze and brass come together to create a unique work of light.

The workshop’s emblematic creations bear witness to this perpetual quest for excellence. Pendants, ceiling lights, lamps… each tells a story. The story of time-defying craftsmanship.

Bespoke lighting: custom-made by Perzel

At Perzel, every lighting fixture is a tailor-made response to your desires.
From the very first contact, the atelier is committed to understanding your needs and preferences.
Whether you have a rectangular table requiring specific lighting, or want your sconces to perfectly match your headboard, or wish to fill a high-ceilinged loft space with spectacular pendant lights… The Atelier Jean Perzel team listens, advises and realizes.

Customization at Perzel means the freedom to personalize every detail. Dreaming of special dimensions for an existing model? No problem. The workshop adapts to your requests, no matter how complex.
D’Aquino Monaco has, for example, opted for 3 ceiling lights N°2058 A of different sizes for this penthouse in Central Park.

Central Park South

But adaptation isn’t limited to shape or size. Colors, materials, Atelier Jean Perzel responds to your needs. Like here, with these lamps N°509 bis with heads specially created in bronze for New York’s Ritz, in Central Park.
Or the N°944, an iconic signed lamp, transformed into a suspended ceiling light for the Diamond Suite Princess Grace at the Hôtel de Paris in Monte-Carlo.

This personalized approach turns your vision into reality. Each project becomes a close collaboration, where all your ideas can come to life.

An art luminaire for made-to-measure light

The Atelier Jean Perzel was founded by a passionate master glassmaker. His perpetual quest for perfect light and innovative spirit led him to leave stained glass and devote himself to electric lamps. He wants to create light fixtures that illuminate powerfully, without blinding. He makes the most of light rays while masking the light source.
Pivoting covers, sliding glass, opening shutters… his ingenious mechanisms allow unprecedented customization of light orientation and intensity. A sort of automation before its time.

Created in 1926, the iconic lamp N°144 is a jewel of luminous comfort and adaptability.

Many other Perzel’s light fixtures offer true light modulation.

Light that adapts to your needs… Bespoke creations… Exceptional craftsmanship… Each lamp made by the Atelier Jean Perzel embodies uniqueness. These pieces of art are designed to integrate perfectly your space and dreams. 

These custom-made, luxury Perzel luminaires represent a real investment, a legacy to be passed on.
By choosing Perzel, you are opting for a light that tells the story of you and your family.