Eclairage de loft - Loft lighting - Atelier Jean Perzel

At the crossroads between industry and residence, there is a space that makes you dream. A space coveted by the most adventurous. The loft!
It gives free rein to your spirit of freedom and that of your interior designer. The dream!

Here, colors and lights are the only limits that you can touch with your eyes. And to create these intangible structures, you need custom-designed lighting to play wonderfully with the volumes of your atypical space.

The history of lofts: when industry becomes the symbol of urban elegance

Some say that the word “loft” comes from English and initially refers to an attic. Others prefer to think that the term comes from the German “luft”, which means “air”. The first is most certainly derived from the second. So a little attic side… yes! But with air…

So, open spaces, often quite high ceilings… all set up in an old workshop, a warehouse or even a factory.

Still, lofts were popularized in the 1970s in New York , by artists looking for affordable spaces to work and live. They found their happiness in disused industrial districts. The concept quickly spread to other major cultural cities in the world such as London, Paris and Berlin. And then industrial areas were converted into residential neighborhoods and lofts became very popular real estate .

With their open-plan spaces, retained industrial architectural elements such as exposed steel beams, raw brick walls or large workshop windows, lofts are now highly sought after for their unique style and endless potential.

The importance of lighting in a loft

Although many lofts benefit from an abundance of natural light during the day, not all are so lucky. And even if each interior deserves specific high-end lighting , in a loft, with such volumes, you expose yourself to a triple lighting problem. 

  1. Light up every corner. 
  2. Manage to bring a touch of intimacy. 
  3. Highlight architectural elements without making them heavy. 

Light up 

Lofts, with their large volumes, are not always easy to illuminate in their entirety. In addition, everyone has specific constraints which sometimes make the task even more complicated: supporting pillars or partial partitions can cast unexpected shadows. And then you end up with unwelcoming areas. 

In such a special space, you need high-end lighting. A light that spreads to the smallest corners. Optimized light!


And then, in a loft, it’s not just about illuminating, but also about defining. You have the possibility of creating varied atmospheres, of demarcating particular zones.

Each light fixture has its role to play. A well-placed floor lamp can mark a cozy reading nook. While a series of pendant lights defines a work or dining space. 

Highlight without weighing down

The architecture of a loft is often its main asset. Exposed beams, brick walls, visible ducts… all these elements add character.
But it is crucial to light them correctly. There is no question of making a metal structure too dominant or a brick wall too imposing. With strategically positioned lighting, you can highlight these elements without making them overwhelming, bringing out the best in your space.

As you have understood, the choice of your lighting fixtures and their location is therefore essential. 

Perzel: the ideal choice for high-end lighting in your loft

And for your loft, there’s nothing like hand-made lighting, individually… but above all custom-made!
Whatever the size of your room, the Atelier Jean Perzel creates, for you, the lighting adapted to each of your spaces.

And the light diffused by these precision masterpieces embellishes every detail of your decoration. Because the optical glass used by Perzel is the guarantee of excellent lighting design. It diffuses light in the most optimal way possible.

And then, who better than Perzel to blend into the world of lofts? The Art Deco style, emblematic of the Atelier for 100 years, brings a touch of elegance and refinement. And it fits beautifully into both a chic and industrial atmosphere.

So, in Paris, New York or Berlin, the lighting in your loft must match your bold architectural choices. Unique and durable lighting fixtures that adapt perfectly to your vision and your home.

With Perzel, you are sure to provide light that enhances every detail and creates a warm and refined atmosphere in the heart of your home, whatever it may be.

And you can even play the extra time outside… Transform your loft into a penthouse with a large terrace, and let the magic of Perzel lighting work under the stars.