Luminaires Jean Perzel

You are an interior designer looking for that rare pearl, the perfect art light to enhance your work? Or you are an individual looking for elegant lighting that provides optimal light for your loft or dining room? Perzel art lighting meet all your expectations. And even more.

You think that the Atelier Jean Perzel makes its exceptional know-how only available to privileged places?
Of course, when we think of Perzel, we imagine the Normandy liner, the theaters, the great restaurants and the luxury hotels. It must be said that for 100 years, Jean Perzel lights have seduced the greatest decorators with their elegance, their sobriety, their timelessness.
But, you too, you can create a privileged luminous universe in your home, in your living room, your bathroom, your bedroom…

Whatever the style of your interior, Perzel luxury lighting fixtures brighten up your home, enhance your decor and give structure to your space. Discover how an exceptional lamp can transform your room.

Illuminate your living room with exceptional lighting fixtures

The living room is the heart of the house. It’s where you entertain friends and guests, and spend special time with your family. Make this living space shine. Light it up with elegance and refinement.
Whether you want to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere or add a touch of luxury to your living room, Perzel fixtures are the perfect choice.

Art lighting at home: reveal your personality in your living room

A majestic suspension above your coffee table? An elegant floor lamp to light up your favorite reading corner? Delicately designed wall sconces to showcase your works of art? Whatever your preference, each Perzel piece is carefully handcrafted to showcase your personality.

With their timeless design, these luxury lights fit into any living room. And add the final touch.

In a classically styled interior, Perzel pendant lights and sconces add an aura of grandeur and tradition, while infusing new energy.
If your decor is more contemporary, Perzel fixtures offer sleek and modern lines that emphasize that minimalist sophistication.
You can also play on the geometric shapes of these lamps to create subtle or bold contrasts that will leave no one indifferent.
These luxury lights will become the centerpieces of your living room.

Inspiration: a selection of our luxury lighting in the living room

Si vous voulez voir les lampes Perzel en situation, nous vous conseillons de suivre notre page Instagram. Vous pourrez y découvrir nos luminaires d’art à la maison, mais aussi à bord du yacht ou dans des lieux prestigieux. 

If you want to see the Perzel lamps in action, we advise you to follow our Instagram page. You will discover our art lighting in beautiful homes, but also on yachts, hotels or in prestigious places.

In the meantime, here is a small selection of our lamps, wall lights, pendant lights, ceiling lights and floor lamps in very different universes.

Appartement Paris Champ de Mars – Lampe REF. 1000 Jean Perzel
This Perzel lamp No. 1000 surprises with its very high light output. While bringing an undeniable decorative touch in this beautiful, typically Parisian apartment !
Feet by the fire, a book marvelously lit by this emblematic model of the Atelier Jean Perzel, the floor lamp No. 13 C. Here is a very pleasant moment of relaxation!
With its optical glass cylinders, this lighting is optimal for this reading corner… and even, to the end of the room!
The marine world is undoubtedly in the spotlight in this space. Even more so when you consider that these sconces No. 650 adorned one of the luxury apartments on the liner S.S. Normandie.
You too can bring the legend into your living room!
Thierry Carretero - REF. 944
Here, we clearly play on the forms. The curves of the rest of the furniture are highlighted by this Perzel lamp No. 944 GM. This architectural work of art transforms any space into a privileged one.
This ceiling lamp No. 355 is really impressive. With these three levels of glass, it’s perfect for illuminating a large living room while enhancing it at the same time. This exceptional fixture is undoubtedly one of the major assets of this beautiful room.
Wondering where the Perzel lamp is hidden in this photo? Look no further; there isn’t one. Yes, Perzel also makes luxury furniture. This pedestal table is a perfect example.
Furniture signed by Perzel is the logical extension of our passion for glass. Each piece is designed with the same attention to detail and quest for excellence that characterize our lighting fixtures. Genuine works of art!

High-end lights for a truely tasty meal

After an aperitif in the living room, it’s time to sit down to dinner.
Whether in the dining room or in the kitchen, Perzel’s luxury luminaires show their full benefits. In these living spaces, you’re probably looking for a subtle combination of functionality and conviviality. Brightness to perfectly illuminate all culinary preparations. Softness to avoid blinding the guests around the table. Jean Perzel has thought of everything so that you’ll never be visually disturbed, while optimizing light output to the maximum.

Around the table, comfortably installed, everything seems more beautiful thanks to the Atelier Jean Perzel luxury lighting.
Functional and elegant, these lights adapt to all styles.

The proof with this Perzel suspension No. 601 or its cousin, the chandelier No. 601 TER.
In these three dining rooms, this sober and prestigious suspension is the final touch of excellence. Why prestigious? Because it is the model chosen to highlight the debates of the Council Chamber of the League of Nations in Geneva (UN) in 1936. Admire this timeless discretion!

Whether you prefer a sleek, modern kitchen, a warm, rustic one, or a contemporary, industrial kitchen, Perzel lighting fixtures will enhance your different spaces.
And cooking becomes a real pleasure at any time of day or night.

The ceiling light No. 350 knows how to make its place, both in a Parisian studio and in a large Chicago apartment. Scandinavian, rustic or design atmosphere… it doesn’t matter. This luxury ceiliing lamp fits everywhere with the so recognizable elegance of the Atelier Jean Perzel creations.

Plafonnier suspendu design REF. 2080

But a little less discretion can also be a very successful gamble!
Such is the case with this spectacular chandelier, the pendant light No. 2080. The XXL dimensions and special finishes chosen by the decorator make this piece the jewel of the kitchen.
There’s no doubt that preparing delicious meals around this central island must be a real pleasure!

In these particularly convivial living spaces, good lighting is essential. So make the choice of craftsmanship coupled with high quality materials and a timeless design. All this magnified by a mastery of light perfected over 100 years.

At the Atelier Jean Perzel, each light is made to measure. We study the dimensions of your room to make you the proposal that best suits your needs. Perfect light right into every corner of the kitchen or dining room.

A soft and serene bedroom with luxury Perzel fixtures

Jean Perzel light fixtures bring a warm and soothing ambiance to the bedroom, creating a true sanctuary of comfort and relaxation.


For soft, enveloping general lighting, Perzel pendant or ceiling lights diffuse controlled light throughout the room. You immerse yourself in a relaxing atmosphere conducive to rest.
For cozy nighttime reading, Perzel wall sconces are an ideal choice. Fixed near the bed, they provide targeted and directional lighting, allowing you to enjoy a moment of reading while avoiding dazzling the rest of the room. Visual comfort is absolute!

But when it comes to visual comfort, Perzel bedside lamps are no exception. With its pivoting cover, this model No. 509 bis GM designed in 1929 is a major ally in your bedroom. Its pivoting cover makes it possible to soften or concentrate the beam of light, for absolute visual comfort, in all circumstances.

If you want to create a harmonious environment, applying the principles of feng shui to lighting can be particularly beneficial, especially in a bedroom.
According to these principles, table lamps placed on a piece of furniture are perfect for a bedroom. They invite softness through a more subtle luminosity. This light is conducive to relaxation and intimacy.

Enhance your bathroom with high-end lighting

If there’s one room in the house where Perzel luminaires reveal their full potential, it’s the bathroom!
Jean Perzel’s obsession was to achieve perfect diffusion of light rays. He wanted his light to magnify everything it caressed. Light so soft that it settles on your face and sublimates it.

Who hasn’t dreamed of such a light in front of their bathroom mirror? Especially after a hard day’s work or a short night’s sleep.

Sconces positioned on either side of the mirror bring you all the benefits of exceptional lighting.
Here the models No. 1208 GM, the same version in small model (1208 PM), the No. 1252 or the No. 157 7614 A.

We’re sure you’ll never want another light again.
Because our lights transform your bathroom into a real oasis of well-being. Whether you are preparing for a busy day or relaxing after work, the Atelier Jean Perzel offers you the perfect lighting for every moment.

A welcoming entrance thanks to Jean Perzel art lighting

NEVA Bosquet - Plafonnier 2045 Jean Perzel

The entrance hall is the first impression you have of your home. This is why it is essential to make it welcoming and warm.

Perzel fixtures are perfect for creating this mood. Their pleasant light is a real invitation to enter.

In this Parisian entrance, the light output of this ceiling light No. 2045 is ideal for taking over from this pretty stained glass window after dark. Its understated, elegant design and subtle lighting create a welcoming atmosphere.
It is the perfect alliance between functionality and aesthetics. A signature of the Atelier Jean Perzel.

Perzel’s luxury outdoor lighting: for an elegant and secure exterior

Lampadaire extérieur 6216 Jean Perzel

Perzel lighting fixtures don’t just belong indoors. They can also enhance your garden, terrace, or even the facade of your house.

Imagine a series of Perzel wall sconces running along your facade, casting a soft, warm light that highlights the architectural details of your home. Or, outdoor bollards that mark your driveway, creating a luminous path that guides your guests. Outdoor lampposts, on the other hand, can transform your terrace into a convivial space or highlight the vegetation of your park. Like for example this handcrafted outdoor floor lamp No. 6216 in “mouth blown” cracked glass.

Jean Perzel outdoor lighting is designed to withstand all weather conditions. However, their durability doesn’t compromise their refinement in any way. The meticulous work of the glass by our craftsmen brings a luxurious touch to your outdoor environments.
Moreover, thanks to the use of prismatic glass, these wall sconces, lamp posts, and bollard lights offer one of the world’s best light yields.

For an even more personalized experience, why not integrate your Perzel fixtures into your home automation system? This way, you can program the lighting to turn on and off or control the intensity of light to suit your mood.

Perzel enriches your garden or terrace with refined lighting, adding an extra dimension of elegance to your outdoor space.

Lofts and high-end lighting: a perfect match

The vast spaces and industrial architecture of the lofts provide the perfect backdrop for showcasing Perzel’s luxury lighting fixtures. And vice versa!

Charlotte Lardeyret - REF. 2075 S & REF. 2081 Jean Perzel

In this loft, Perzel fixtures are key design elements. The chandelier No. 2075 S and the No. 2081 pendant lights wonderfully define this magnificent space.

Our suspensions are a particularly interesting choice for these atypical places. They create a striking focal point above a dining table, kitchen island or living space. Their geometric shapes and inimitable lighting create a warm and friendly atmosphere, while adding a contemporary touch to the space.

Jean Perzel’s floor lamps and sconces are also smart options. They highlight specific areas, like a reading nook or an accent wall, while providing functional lighting. Their elegant finishes and superior craftsmanship ensure an aesthetic and long-lasting presence in the space.

Perzel luminaires are therefore much more than just light sources. They are works of art, masterpieces that bring a touch of elegance and refinement to your environment.

For more than 100 years, the Atelier Jean Perzel has been creating exceptional lighting fixtures that captivate the greatest decorators and private customers in search of luxury and quality.

Each creation is handcrafted, made-to-measure, to meet your specific needs and fit perfectly into your interior. In the living room or kitchen, in a loft or garden, but also around your swimming pool or in your private cinema room, Jean Perzel lightings make all the difference.

Choose luxury lighting, timeless design and unrivalled craftsmanship. Don’t wait any longer! Bring Perzel light into your home and let it transform every space into a unique and privileged place.