Bedside lamp 509 bis

Well-thought-out lighting for your bedroom

The bedroom requires a well thought out lighting to be adaptable to different aspects of the day. Besides the obvious activities such as lie down and sleep well, it is also a space where you can read a book, study, work calmly, watching a movie, etc.
To fully enjoy these activities at any time, choose a suitable light source.

The Lampe 509 bis, a pearl of comfort

Visual comfort offered by this bedside lamp, model 509 bis of the Atelier Jean Perzel, is particularly suited to lighting bedroom and office. The innovative design of the lamp No. 509 bis, the result of extensive research into the impact and intensity of light, brings a true visual comfort, that is still very popular today.

The swivel shade of the bedside lamp is used to adapt the light intensity according to the desired use. From a very modern design – and yet created in 1929 by Jean Perzel (discover the story of this lamp, originally created for the Cité Universitaire in Paris, by clicking here) – this bedside lamp allows to have more or less light intensity by simply rotating the shade in front of the illuminated part of the lamp.

Placed on either side of the bed, the bedside lamp creates the perfect lighting to avoid unnecessary eye strain and emanate your bedroom a calm and relaxing atmosphere for relaxation.

Visual comfort, a major importance for Jean Perzel

Jean Perzel was aware that visual comfort was essential for beautiful, diffuse and functional lighting. He also created other models of lamps allowing to adapt the light, usable in bedside or in office lighting… Like the model 313 BIS, the lamp 936, or the reading lamp 1143 L. The forms and the designs vary, but the swivel shade will soften or concentrate the light beam, for absolute visual comfort in all circumstances.