Cité Universitaire 509BIS

The Cité Universitaire

The Cité Universitaire in Paris, located in the 14th district – near the Atelier Jean Perzel – was created to unify, after the First World War, students from around the world. It has also been designed as a response to the crisis of student housing raging in Paris in the 20s.
The aim then was to “offer to French and foreign students good housing conditions and quality of education, but also an environment conducive to meetings and multicultural exchanges daily.”

The Lamp 509 bis, created especially for students of the «Cité U»

Jean Perzel’s sketch © Archives nationales

Since office lamps were indispensable for working in good conditions, the Cité universitaire of Paris invited Jean Perzel, known for his innovations in modern lighting, to propose a study lamp as early as 1929.

He then reflects on the best way to illuminate a workspace without damaging the eyes. So, he endowed his lamp with a sliding cover that marries a lampshade of frosted glass, allowing to orient the light.

The lamp 509 bis, thanks to its innovative design and swivel shade, has become an essential accessory for illuminating their workspace and has brought the students of the Cité Universitaire real visual comfort.

509 BIS chrome

The story of our lamp 509 bis doesn’t stop there…

The lamp 509 bis has become over the years, a real collector’s item.

Timeless, sophisticated and – above all – very appreciated by the greatest names of architecture and decoration… This lamp has been, and still is, in the spotlight in many museums, luxurious residences, hotels and restaurants.