Luminaires de luxe uniques et durables

“Sustainability”. A word that we hear everywhere. But when it comes to Perzel lighting, it’s not just a buzzword. It is a promise. A promise engraved in bronze, brass and glass. For 100 years!

Perzel lighting fixtures span the ages, illuminating the interiors of successive generations, without aging a bit. And with uncompromising quality, illustrating excellent know-how. 

Artisanal know-how for exceptional lighting

Do you want to know the secret of eternal youth from the Atelier Jean Perzel ?

It’s simple: an unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity. 100% handmade, in France, always! 

Where others have succumbed, over the decades, to the ease of mass production or offshoring, Perzel has chosen to stay true to its roots.
These values ​​of excellent know-how are also recognized by the Living Heritage Company label granted by the French government. 

Open the door to these workshops, in the heart of the French capital… and you will understand why. You enter the world of artisanal magic.

Atelier de fabrication, Jean Perzel

Each lamp passes through the expert and passionate hands of the master glassmaker, the master bronzer, but also the polisher, sandblaster or varnisher. After several hundred hours of work, a true luminous work of art is born. Authentic luxury made in France! A jewel !

Unique high-end lighting fixtures

And this jewel is unique. Signed and made individually! But what’s more, it adapts perfectly to your space, whether it’s your living room, your restaurant, or your office. 

You should know that Jean Perzel was driven by a quest: to produce the most perfect light, that which reveals every corner, which sublimates everything it touches. This is why the glass used by the Atelier Jean Perzel is so special. An optical glass that illuminates optimally without ever dazzling.

And, even today, this requirement, this search for perfection, remains at the heart of our concerns. This is why we shape lamps, wall lights, ceiling lights, according to your specific needs, depending on the dimensions and character of the place to be highlighted. 

A Perzel light fixture is therefore a tailor-made work of art, serving your world.

But don’t worry, if you want to change your world, your pendant light or your floor lamp will perfectly find its place in your new world. For a long time. 

Long-lasting lighting fixtures for a timeless design

Perzel luxury lighting fixtures are indeed timeless.
Their Art Deco design, dating from the 1920s, blends perfectly into any type of interior. Classic or contemporary, New York loft or country house, Perzel lamps have the ability to transcend eras. You will never tire of this unparalleled elegance.

And that’s a good thing, because these luminous masterpieces will last forever. Designed to withstand the passing of time, they are a heritage, an legacy… The witness that sheds light on the memories and stories of your family.
What if the Jean Perzel lamp that sits on your desk illuminated the first steps in the professional life of your descendants, in two or three generations? What would she have to say?

This durability is due to the exceptional manufacturing of the master craftsmen in our workshop. But also to the choice of materials. Without compromise !
Optical glass, brass and bronze, renowned for their robustness and unique patina over time, are meticulously selected. These materials are the guarantee of a durable, flawless luminaire, and the very essence of Perzel elegance.

The lamp No. 144, highly representative of our high-precision craftsmanship, photographed in our workshops © A. Carpentier.

It’s your turn not to compromise! By choosing Jean Perzel, you embrace both modernity and History. You combine contemporary requirements with ancestral art. Refinement with durability. And you get a unique piece, a subtle fusion between the past and the present… to illuminate your future!