The Atelier Jean Perzel Showroom - Paris

The brilliance of Jean Perzel luxury lightings

Illuminate your home with Jean Perzel’s high-end lighting. Whether it’s a floor lamp, a wall sconce, a lamp or a ceiling light… Each of our lighting fixtures embodies the quintessence of luxury and brings an unparalleled touch of elegance to your home.

Choosing a luxury lighting fixture goes far beyond simple harmony in decoration. It’s a promise of excellence in lighting. Excellence in terms of visual comfort, noble materials and durability. All for an exceptional atmosphere. At the Atelier Jean Perzel, we understand the importance of these fundamental aspects and are deeply committed to these values.

Timeless heritage of luxury lighting

Created since 1923, our high-end lighting fixtures draw their timeless inspiration from Art Deco and modernism. An aesthetic that spans the ages!
On the other hand, our collection is the result of a precious heritage: true know-how that has also spanned the decades. Each of our pieces is carefully handcrafted in our workshop, located in the heart of the City of Light, Paris.
Thus, each of our creations is a sublime marriage of past and present, blending heritage, tradition and innovation. Collectors’ items as much as functional ones, of unparalleled beauty. This offers our customers an incomparable luminous experience.

Recognition of excellence: French know-how and sustainability

That’s why we’re proud of our Label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, a french governemental label which recognizes and rewards our commitment to authenticity and excellence. It reflects our determination to preserve and share our French know-how, our cultural heritage and craftsmanship for future generations.

And the gestures of our craftsmen aren’t the only things passed down through the generations. So do our lighting fixtures.
Designed to stand the test of time, Jean Perzel’s signature luxury lighting fixtures possess unique durability. A true perennial collector’s heirloom.

High-end lighting: the choice of professionals

It’s been 100 years since Jean Perzel luxury lighting fixtures have been the preferred choice of renowned professionals, architects and decorators. They have illuminated the interiors of the finest palaces, prestige hotels, restaurants, luxury yachts, mansions, ministries and many other prestigious locations.
Our reputation is a reflection of our commitment to the quality, aesthetics and performance of our luxury lighting. Making the Atelier Jean Perzel the trusted partner for lighting the most demanding projects.

To conclude, at the Atelier Jean Perzel, we don’t just design luminaires. We create luminous collectibles that transcend time and space, offering a glimmer of excellence in every corner of your world. Join us in our tireless quest for beauty and luminous elegance, and let our exceptional creations illuminate your life.

Beyond time and fashion,
Choose the high-end lighting fixtures signed Jean Perzel.