The Atelier Jean Perzel Showroom - Paris

Luxury lighting by Jean Perzel

Brighten your home with our high-end lighting. Luxury lighting by Jean Perzel (floor light, sconces, lamp, ceiling light…) will give a touch of elegance to your home.

Choosing a luxury lignthing is of course choosing a decoration harmony, but also – and above all – ensure quality lighting with excellent visual comfort.
Therefore, in order to meet the characteristics of a high-end lighting, our entire collection is manufactured since 1923 in respect of the artisan tradition with perfect craftsmanship.
We proudly display our Living Heritage Company label rewarding Jean Perzel Workshop expertise and its transmission, perpetuated generation after generation.

floor lamp 41E

Example of a high-end floor lamp: the No. 41 E

The historic character of our products offers an additionnal value. For example, enjoy the luxury of a high-end lighting with our floor lamp 41 E chosen over the years to decorate prestigious places.

Created by Jean Perzel in the 30s, it was chosen to decorate the grand luxury “Trouville” apartment on the cruise liner “Normandie” in 1935. Many of these floor lamps also adorn, for decades, the “Galerie des pas perdus” of the United Nations in Geneva (UN). In addition, the city of Paris bought it for the international exhibition of Arts and Techniques of 1937.

Beyond time and fashion, our floor lamp 41 E fits easily in classic or very contemporary interiors.