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Perzel and Art Deco: a timeless heritage

Since 1923, the Atelier Jean Perzel has been lighting up the world with its exceptional luminaires. Intimately linked to the Art Deco movement, Perzel is one of its leading exponents. To this day, the Atelier Jean Perzel perpetuates this luminous heritage. Its timeless creations embody the essence and evolution of this emblematic movement.

The Atelier Jean Perzel: A history rooted in Art Deco

Jean Perzel, Art Deco pioneer

The story of the Atelier Jean Perzel began in the heart of Paris in 1923, when the eponymous master glassmaker opened the doors of his lighting design workshop. Perzel quickly revolutionized interior lighting and the world of luminaires. He infused it with a modern, functional and elegant aesthetic… In short, the foundation of the Art Deco movement.
In fact, this movement is characterized by its pure lines, geometric shapes and luxurious materials. Perzel appropriates these codes and those of modernism… And he sublimates them in his creations, harmoniously combining functionality and aesthetics with unequalled precision.

The apogee of Art Deco: an era of daring and elegance

The 1920s and 1930s marked the apogee of Art Deco, a period during which the Atelier Jean Perzel enjoyed dazzling success. Its luminaires became iconic pieces, prized by the elite and the most fashionable decorators of the time.

Perzel’s creations are distinguished by their sophistication, clean lines and innovative use of glass, brass, bronze or chrome… The purity of modernist forms.

Photo: Lampadaire 1 C by the Atelier Jean Perzel, still made today.
1928, Private mansion of the Count and Countess of Noailles.

Lampadaire 1 C de l'Atelier Jean Perzel, 1928, Hôtel particulier des Noailles

If the history of Atelier Jean Perzel within the decorative arts intrigues you, we highly recommend the art book “ATELIERS JEAN PERZEL : The efficiency of Light” by Jean-Jacques Wattel, a renowned expert in 20th-century Decorative Arts, published by éditions Louvre-Victoire. This reading will immerse you in Perzel’s fascinating world and enrich your appreciation of his artistic legacy.

Perzel and Art Deco today

A timeless heritage

While trends evolve and decades pass, the appeal of Art Deco remains undeniable.

In the changing landscape of interior design, the Atelier Jean Perzel continues to shine, brilliantly perpetuating the heritage of this iconic movement. Perzel lighting fixtures, always imbued with a modernist aesthetic, find their place in contemporary interiors. Bringing a touch of timeless elegance to any space, they bear witness to the enduring relevance of this artistic heritage.

Innovation at the heart of tradition

Beyond its commitment to modernist aesthetics, the Atelier Jean Perzel also stands out for its dedication to craftsmanship, quality and innovation.

Although ancestral gestures, machines and craft techniques remain unchanged, the Atelier Jean Perzel nonetheless incorporates the latest technological advances into its luminaires. This union of tradition and modernity enables the Perzel House to create Art Deco luminaires that transcend time, combining a centuries-old heritage with a resolutely forward-looking vision.

The recognition obtained in 2008 – when the Atelier was awarded the prestigious Living Heritage Companies Label – bears witness to all of this.
This label rewards the excellence of French know-how and recognizes Perzel’s constant commitment to the preservation of artisanal techniques while embracing contemporary innovations.

Jean Perzel est Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

An enduring radiance

In conclusion, the Atelier Jean Perzel is a true testament to the golden age of Art Deco.
In perpetuating this precious heritage, Perzel has continued to sublimate and illuminate contemporary interiors for over a century. Through its exceptional lighting fixtures, Perzel still embodies the brilliance of Art Deco, reminding everyone that the beauty of this movement is truly timeless and resolutely modern.

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