Selection of Art Deco Lighting

Light craftsmen specializing in Art Deco lighting and art lighting since the 1920’s, we have created, over time, lighting models with unmatched timeless luxury. Jean Perzel was a true precursor of modern lighting by expressing a perfect balance between nobility and grace, wealth and sobriety. And since then, the Atelier Jean Perzel collection has perpetuated and revisited the style of Art Deco lighting throughout the 20th century, highlighting their modernity and permanent relevance.

In 1931, Jean Perzel built a beautiful Art Deco building, by Michel Roux-Spitz, rue de la Cité Universitaire in Paris, where our design office, manufacturing facilities and showroom are still gathered today. Each Art Deco fixture fitting in this selection, like the more modern pieces, requires about two months of artisanal manufacture and has respected, for more than three generations, the tradition established by Jean Perzel himself.

Find here a selection of our most beautiful lighting in the Art Deco style, including lamps, sconces, ceiling lights, suspensions or floor lamps.