Eclairage de luxe pour Yacht

When we talk about luxury yachts, our attention naturally turns to their cutting-edge equipment and spectacular decoration. These exceptional ships are much more than just means of cruising. And their aura of timeless elegance reigns supreme.
Designed to offer an unforgettable experience, yachts must be a true immersion in luxury. Let’s see how lighting plays an essential role in transforming these ships into real floating jewels.

Lighting in today’s yachts

When you step aboard a yacht, the experience is often breathtaking. The symbiosis between luxury, design and technology creates an enchanting ambiance. Every nook and cranny of a yacht is meticulously designed to meet the high expectations of owners and their guests.

Yacht designers and decorators know very well the importance of lighting in creating unique atmospheres on board. The living, relaxation and entertainment areas are then equipped with strategically placed lighting to highlight the boat’s architectural features, on-board spaces, high-end materials, or even works of art.

The pendant lights, wall lights, floor lamps and table lamps are carefully selected. Ceiling lights illuminate common areas with elegance. While the bedside lamps bring a warm touch to the cabins.
Multiplying different light sources is the key to achieving the perfect brightnessWell-designed, luxurious and durable lighting, harmonized with the interior decoration, then becomes an essential element of the experience on board these exceptional ships.

Moreover, yacht decorators and designers are on the lookout for timeless trends in this field. They are looking for partners capable of creating luxurious lighting fixtures that integrate harmoniously into each project.
It is in this context that the Atelier Jean Perzel enters the scene… Bringing its expertise and unparalleled know-how to the creation of sustainable luxury art lighting 100% made in France.

The art of Jean Perzel in luxury lighting

The name Jean Perzel evokes a tradition of excellence in the world of lighting, creating exceptional lighting fixtures by hand for over 100 years now. Its timeless style, characterized by clean lines and high-quality materials, makes each piece a collector’s item.

Perzel’s timeless style is a hallmark and fits perfectly into any interior and decor. Each piece is a work of art in itself, combining bold shapes and mood lighting. Decoration professionals and architects find in Perzel creations a source of inspiration to design elegant, bright and exclusive spaces on board yachts.
This inextricable link between Jean Perzel and the world of luxury ships transcends time. Why this fascination? Where does this link come from?

Lighting on transatlantics liners

To fully understand Jean Perzel’s legacy in luxury yacht lighting, we must go back in time… To the 1930s, a time when transatlantic liners embodied the pinnacle of luxury travel. Among these exceptional ships, the S.S. Normandy Liner (Paquebot Normandie) stood out as the largest, most beautiful and fastest of all. However, it was not only its size that attracted attention, but also its luminous splendor. It embodied the best of French craftsmanship, luxury and know-how.

Jean Perzel had the honor of participating in the design of the lighting on board this giant of the seas.
Indeed, its lighting fixtures played an essential role in creating this exceptional atmosphere. Lounges, restaurants, luxury apartments or cabins of the Normandy Liner… Each room was illuminated by the genius of Jean Perzel.
However, its history in ship lighting does not end there.

Over the years, his talent and expertise have also illuminated other world-famous liners. Such as the Queen Mary, the France, the Pasteur, and many others…
This heritage continues to inspire and guide yachting professionals in the creation of sumptuous spaces, aboard exceptional ships.
Indeed, the influence and imprint of Jean Perzel in the world of art lighting for these floating palaces remains unmatched.

Yachts illuminated by the Atelier Jean Perzel

Jean Perzel’s expertise in this field spans much more than decades.
Today, the Atelier collaborates with some very renowned yacht designers such as Alberto Pinto, Laura Sessa, Zuretti Interior Design.
They chose Jean Perzel lighting to bring refinement to the interiors of the yachts, whether in the living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms… Furthermore, our French touch is also very popular.

As you have understood, luxury yacht decorators trust the Atelier Jean Perzel for the artisanal quality and timeless style of its lighting fixtures.
Whether in a modern yacht with a sleek design or in a replica of 1930s glamour, Jean Perzel lighting brings a unique dimension to each project.

The “Light Holic” yacht: an enlightened example

Among the many achievements that illustrate the excellence of luxury yacht lighting by Perzel, M/Y LIGHT HOLIC yacht stands out. Decorated by the talented designers Alexandre and Cristina Negoescu, Light Holic is a floating work of art where light is at the heart of the decoration.

This exceptional 60m superyacht is imbued with Jean Perzel lighting: from the lamp No. 817 M, to the wall lights No. 1206, including the corner wall lights No. 76 to No. 1142 D… Each piece has been meticulously chosen. The judicious use of these lighting fixtures creates elegant, warm and sophisticated spaces, where every detail is carefully thought out.

M/Y Light Holic is a concrete example of the importance of luxury lighting in the prestige yachting industry. An undeniable proof that Jean Perzel lighting can play an essential role in creating these exceptional ambiances.

Let’s illuminate luxury on board

In conclusion, luxury lighting in yachts is much more than just a feature. It is a work of art in itself, capable of transforming a space into a place of refinement and elegance.
The Atelier Jean Perzel has perpetuated this heritage for nearly a century, bringing unrivaled French know-how to the creation of luxury art lighting for prestigious yachts, as well as for hotels, palaces or private homes.

To learn more about the art of Jean Perzel and how we can illuminate your projects, do not hesitate to contact us. Discover the excellence of French know-how and the heritage of the Normandy Liner in each piece created by the Atelier Jean Perzel.