Héritage et innovation dans l'Atelier Jean Perzel

Over the past 100 years, Atelier Jean Perzel has made its mark on history, leaving its imprint in some of the world’s most prestigious locations. And this is no accident. Behind every Perzel luxury luminaire lies the passion for light of an incredible master glassmaker: Jean Perzel.
But then what? How do you stay at the top of your game for a century?
Two words: innovate and transmit.
Yes, it took a skilful blend of innovation and heritage for the Atelier Jean Perzel to remain a benchmark in the demanding world of high-end interior design.

Perzel’s history and heritage 

When Jean Perzel founded his workshop in 1923, he was driven by a passionate ambition: achieving luminous perfection. And nothing will stop him. Neither the stock market crash of 1929, nor the Second World War. 

Very quickly, he attracted renowned architects and decorators, from Jacques-Émile Ruhlmann to Jules Leleu or Michel Roux-Spitz. These collaborations enabled him to become involved in avant-garde projects, contributing to major architectural and decorative achievements of the Art Deco era.

Perzel’s creations are selected for prestigious projects, underlining their ability to meet the highest standards of design and quality. These include the lighting of the Palace of the League of Nations (UN) in Geneva.

But these artistic lighting fixtures can also be found in many other emblematic locations: luxury hotels, prestigious restaurants, and even transatlantic liners such as the S.S. Normandie.
They have also found their way into the interiors of fashion and luxury personalities such as Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint-Laurent, Louboutin and Chanel.

Jean Perzel passed on his craftsmanship and exacting standards to his nephew, and then to his grand-nephew. This transmission from generation to generation has been crucial in preserving tradition while adapting to the specific needs of customers.

Innovation at Perzel

Perzel’s history is marked by a constant quest for excellence and innovation. Jean Perzel’s revolutionary creations set new standards for quality and design in lighting.
In 1930, Ernest Tisserand wrote for the french magazine “L’Art vivant” (Living Art) :

“It seems to me that all lighting designers have run away from Jean Perzel. A number of them used to imitate him, to set him apart. But the public makes no mistake, and Perzel remains the sole master of the place. (…) Perzel is truly the prince of modern lighting.”

Under Jean Perzel’s leadership, innovation was at its peak.
In particular, he pioneered the use of optical glass for luminaires, a material previously reserved for the eyewear industry. He soon replaced lead with brass in his creations, allowing for greater design freedom. His aim was to make maximum use of light rays to create a soft, powerful light.

His nephew, François Raidt, continued this tradition of innovation. Under his leadership, the workshop expanded its product range, introducing more contemporary designs while respecting the essence of Perzel’s original creations. His commitment to excellence and ability to anticipate customer needs have solidified Perzel’s reputation as synonymous with quality, innovation and durability.

But innovation can take many forms
In the 1980s, Olivier Raidt faced new challenges. Despite the rise of machines and the temptation of mass production, he opted for the path of tradition. He reinterprets the existing. Adds color. He revitalized the company’s image.
Rather than breaking with the past, he chose to celebrate it.
A true bet on the future!

Craftsmanship: the future of high-end design 

While in many fields, innovation advances with technology, when it comes to luxury design, there’s no doubt: the future lies in tradition.

Are you looking for something unique and made-to-measure? Perzel lighting fixtures are crafted by passionate, human hands. Hours and hours of work for an exclusive piece.
Each creation carries with it exceptional know-how. Know-how recognized by the EPV french label: Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company). This label distinguishes companies that “know how to reconcile innovation and tradition, know-how and creation, work and passion, heritage and future, local and international”.

With Perzel, you choose excellence but also durability. Perzel lighting fixtures span the ages, passed down from generation to generation, like a historical heritage.
So, you too, innovate: put timelessness and tradition at the heart of your world. Because artistic craftsmanship is not only the future. It is essential.