Victoria Hagan Peter Pennoyer Manhattan Art Deco Appartement

Victoria Hagan Interiors

Since the foundation of her eponymous business 25 years ago, Victoria Hagan has been celebrated for her work, impressively blending architectural and interior design. As Jean Perzel, Victoria Hagan celebrates the use of high quality materials, sophisticated creations and sleek lines. This is probably why she approaches our Workshop for some of her projects.

Manhattan Art Deco Apartment

Inspired by the 1930s style, the famous designer accompanied by architect Peter Pennoyer wanted to renovate in Art Deco style a Manhattan apartment. On the 11th floor, the view is stunning : the river just below, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens… everything gives the impression of being on the deck of a luxurious 1930s liner. This is how the idea came to them : Peter Pennoyer wished that the renovation aspires to “a light-handed Art Deco classicism inspired by the luxury ships of the 1930s”; Victoria Hagan insisted the decor have a contemporary attitude. “We were influenced by the period, but we didn’t reproduce it literally,” she says.

Art Deco Living room

Bathed in light, the living room of this New York apartment has been renovated in a refined and elegant style, recalling that Art Deco style brings a timeless touch to each creation.
Each of the details, like the rest of the residence, was designed and built according this line of conduct set by Victoria Hagan and Peter Pennoyer.
For instance, the reading point near the fireplace is strangely similar to Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann’s style. Our wall lights No. 1137, also elegant and timeless, were chosen to illuminate this remarkable piece at dusk. Some of the armchairs were also present on the Normandie liner, which we know well at Atelier Jean Perzel.

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