1932’s Artists Decorators Exhibition

Parisian event : “Salon des artistes décorateurs”

Created in 1904, the “Salon des artistes décorateurs” (or SAD) is a parisian event bringing together, via a huge exhibition, all leading architects and designers of the moment and their new trends in term of decoration. Jean Perzel has been participated since his beginnings, in 1925.
In 1932, we are at the peak of the Art Deco style and this 23th exhibition is an event that can not be missed, held from May 5 to July 9 1932 in Paris at the Grand Palais of the Champs-Elysées.
Leon Rosenthal, famous director of the Museum of Fine Arts in Lyon, author of historical books, but also critical militant and committed intellectual, wrote about this exhibition :

“Visiting this exhibition, so alive, so rich, give architects the joys reserved for any man of taste who love research and innovation. They will also find a high professional interest.”

Jean Perzel at the “Salon des Artistes Décorateurs”

Each year, the decorators and designers present furnitures, lamps and decoration which set the tone of modern decor.
In the years 20-30, the light is playing an increasingly important role in the field of a decoration. Therefore, the furniture sets are presented with lighting, such as those proposed by Jean Perzel, specially designed to highlight these decors.

In 1932, the master glazier Jean Perzel exhibited at the salon des artistes décorateurs some models of its manufacture. Journalists and visitors particularly noticed, among others, a beautiful ceiling lamp, real diffuser of brightness with a large diameter, made of many levels in white and pink enamelled glass. Very much appreciated, the ceiling light 354 bis used to adorn the port lounges of the cruise liner “Normandie”.
During this exhibition, Jean Perzel exhibited this model as well as many others. He will also participate in the lighting of several rooms decorated by the architect Lucien Rollin, in particular a bedroom lit by wall lights n ° 344 V, as well as a dining room lit by ceiling lamp n ° 354 bis.