Bathroom lighting plays a crucial role in this room functionality and aesthetics. Good lighting not only creates a relaxing atmosphere… But it’s also essential for specific tasks such as applying make-up, shaving or taking care of your skin.
Among the various options available, linear sconces placed on either side of a mirror are particularly effective.
Let’s discover how to optimize your bathroom lighting and highlight the best ways to combine functionality, comfort, quality and design.

Why choose linear sconces?

Linear sconces, installed on either side of the mirror, provide balanced, shadow-free lighting. It’s the ideal solution for activities requiring perfect visibility.
Unlike fixtures such as ceiling lights, which can create annoying shadows, linear wall sconces distribute light evenly across the face.

The advantages of linear sconces in the bathroom

  • Uniform lighting: linear sconces provide soft, uniform light, minimizing shadows.
  • Elegant aesthetics: They add a modern, sophisticated touch to the bathroom.
  • Versatility : these fixtures can be adapted to a variety of decorating styles, from contemporary to classic.

Our tips for installing linear wall sconces

To maximize the effectiveness of linear sconces in your bathroom, follow these installation tips:

  • Height: Place sconces at eye level to avoid shadows under the chin and eyes.
  • Spacing: Install sconces approximately 75 to 80 cm apart for balanced light distribution.
  • Color temperature: Choose bulbs with a color temperature between 3000K and 4000K for a natural, white light.

The high-end wall light No. 1252:
An ideal choice for your bathroom

Atelier Jean Perzel, known for its art lighting made in France, offers in particular the wall light No. 1252 to make bathroom lighting. This wall light combines sophisticated design, charm and optimum functionality.

Its double cylinders of sandblasted glass offer refined volumes, enhanced by fine bronze edging, adding a touch of luxury and elegance.

With its modern aesthetic and noble materials, the wall light No. 1252 is not only a decorative piece, but also an effective source of lighting. Its diffused, even light guarantees shadow-free illumination. Perfect, then, for everyday bathroom activities!

When Jean Perzel founded his company in 1923, he had a very specific aim. Not to highlight his works, but the faces, volumes and objects around them… To create a light that was soft on the eyes and attractive on the faces. A successful gamble, particularly with wall sconce No. 1252.

What’s more, its timeless design can easily be integrated into any decor: from the most classic to the most contemporary and the most original.

What’s more, durable materials ensure long life and easy maintenance.

By integrating the Atelier Jean Perzel’s No. 1252 sconces into this space, you’re opting for an ideal lighting solution… Transforming this room into a place of luxury, relaxation and beauty.

Comment intégrer les appliques n°1252 dans votre salle de bain ?

The Atelier Jean Perzel team, made up of enthusiasts and true connoisseurs of lighting and interior design, is at your disposal to help you integrate the wall light No. 1252 into your bathroom. They are specialists in high-end lighting for the home. So why not pay them a visit or contact them for personalized recommendations?

Wondering how to coordinate these sconces with the other elements in your bathroom to create a harmonious whole? Our experts will guide you to ensure that every detail fits perfectly. The placement of sconces is crucial to balanced lighting: how do you make sure they’re placed at the right height and distance? Here again, Atelier Jean Perzel offers you its expertise.

En collaboration avec nos spécialistes, vous transformerez votre salle de bain en un véritable havre de paix et de luxe, éclairé de manière optimale par les appliques n°1252.

In collaboration with our specialists, you will transform your bathroom into a haven of peace and luxury, optimally illuminated by the sconces No. 1252.