In the heart of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, an apartment from the 1930s recently underwent a metamorphosis that brings us back to the timeless charm of modernism.

The building, designed in 1934 by architects Jean Ginsberg and François Heep, is a true icon of modernist architecture. It pays tribute to visionaries such as Le Corbusier, Robert Mallet-Stevens and André Lurçat.

How did this apartment regain its modernist shine?

The owners entrusted the renovation to the Archik agency and the architect Baptiste Legué. The goal is clear: return the apartment to its modernist origins, while maximizing natural light and optimizing space.

Modernist origin of this Parisian apartment

The building, erected on eight levels, is a work of architectural art with its reinforced concrete structure, its horizontal windows in the style of Le Corbusier, its elegant balconies and its cylindrical corner architecture. This building dating from 1934 embodies modernism in all its splendor !

“That’s what attracted the owners. The apartment had a lot of potential. We first restored the original metal frames opening onto the balcony, a tribute to Le Corbusier’s Villa Stein with its modernist railing…”

Baptiste Legué, architect in charge of the renovation project of this 63m²

This Art Deco architecture was a real source of inspiration for the renovation. Baptiste Legué freed up the space, revealing arches which bring in maximum light while structuring the space. This also made it possible to restore the original plan, modified over the years and renovations.

Renovate to restore radiant light

The emphasis was placed on natural luminosity and contrasts in materials and colors. Particularly on the ground.
The off-white carpet and the different tone-on-tone rugs create a soft and warm atmosphere in the living room. A black terrazzo surround creates a surprise and enhances everything by adding a touch of sophistication. A balance between the softness of the carpet and this more raw and mineral texture. An Art Deco spirit that fits perfectly with the aesthetic of the building!

Iconic lighting : the lamp No. 144 by Jean Perzel

At the heart of this modernist renovation sits an exceptional lighting fixture. Our lamp No. 144, placed on a pedestal in the dining room area, is a centerpiece.
With its sliding beveled glasses and opening shutters, it embodies the high-precision artisanal work carried out in the Perzel workshops. This magnificent creation from 1926 continues to inspire collectors and demonstrates the excellence of artisanal know-how. Who can resist its timeless charm ?

The integration of the lamp no. 144 in this renovated apartment adds a touch of authenticity and reinforces the modernist atmosphere of the space. It is a tribute to Jean Perzel’s
and passion for durable and timeless design.

In conclusion

This successful renovation is a celebration of modernist architecture while showcasing the timeless elegance of the design. The lamp No. 144 by Jean Perzel becomes a central element of this renovation, bringing a touch of history and exceptional craftsmanship to an apartment resolutely in tune with the times. It is a testament to how old and new can coexist harmoniously to create a unique and timeless space.
And you, would you be ready to let the light of modernism illuminate your interior ?

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Photos © Bertrand Fompeyrine