Appartement client - REF. 658 - REF. 350- REF. 2043

You’ve imagined a kitchen of the highest quality for your home. You’ve paid particular attention to the smallest details and the quality of materials. But when it comes to lighting, you’re skeptical. What’s the best lighting for your kitchen?

If you are looking for light fixtures that combine perfect light and elegance, luxury fixtures that sublimate your kitchen, you will probably find your answer in this article. 

Personalize your kitchen with luxury lighting fixtures 

A functional kitchen has effective lighting. Worktops and dining areas are well illuminated. 
But for your high-end kitchen, you need to go further. You need to choose lighting fixtures that set the mood and underline the character of your room. 

Their design must therefore complement, enhance, balance, energize or even contrast with the kitchen’s architecture.
Timeless ceiling lights or sophisticated pendant lights, each fixture brings its own signature. And can even be used to define different zones.

The quality of diffused light is also particularly important. It must be efficient to facilitate meal preparation. Without dazzling. 
A enveloping light that doesn’t create discomfort. 
A light designed specifically for your kitchen. 

The Atelier Jean Perzel creates the perfect exceptional lighting fixture for you.
Elegant lines, noble materials, excellent craftsmanship, optimal light… all the conditions are there for you to see your kitchen in a whole new light. 

Top-of-the-range ceiling lights for your kitchen 

Ceiling lights are particularly popular in the kitchen. We generally like them sober and elegant, with a slight preference for round shapes. They’re perfect for illuminating the whole room.
Here’s a perfect example, the ceiling lamp N°350. This is an iconic model from Atelier Jean Perzel. Its luxurious sobriety appeals to many architects.

While round ceiling lights embody sobriety, Perzel’s luminaires N°2075 play an active part in defining the space. They accentuate design choices or contrast with certain elements to add another dimension. As in these two kitchens, imagined by Michael S. Smith, where their rectilinear form plays with the textures and nuances of the surrounding materials.

In its rectangular version, the N°2075 R by the Atelier Jean Perzel stands out as an assertive design element. In this modern New York kitchen, these ceiling lights accentuate the room’s minimalism. Their sharp, precise light highlights the clean lines of the furniture and the lacquered surface of the cabinets. They add depth to the space and enhance the color accents of the chairs, without disturbing the visual balance of the room.

Mark Cunningham - REF. 2075R

Ceiling lights, with their ability to diffuse light widely, are perfect for the kitchen. But other forms of lighting can also enrich the space significantly.

Lighting harmony in the kitchen: pendant and wall lights

Like ceiling lighting fixtures, pendant lights provide generous light to illuminate large kitchen workspaces. But they can add an extra dimension by playing with height, for example. They can be used to create targeted lighting zones and even to delimit spaces.

Such is the case with this XXL suspension N°2080 by Perzel:

Plafonnier suspendu design REF. 2080

Hanging lights above a kitchen island are very popular. And they’re even more effective when they offer a dual lighting effect: semi-direct and indirect. As is the case with model N°2080, but also with these two N°2043 suspensions, a model particularly acclaimed for its sobriety. Visual comfort is perfect.

Orsini Design - Tisch Residence

In this Connecticut kitchen, the 2043 pendant lights are paired with one of Atelier Jean Perzel’s iconic models: the N°601 pendant light. But you’ll also find it in this very contemporary kitchen, paired with the famous N°350 ceiling light. The N°658 wall lamp completes this lighting scheme.

Appartement client - REF. 658 - REF. 350- REF. 2043

Together, these three pieces by Perzel harmonize kitchen lighting, ensuring both the necessary functionality and a high-end aesthetic.

Choose Jean Perzel lighting fixtures for your kitchen 

Whether you prefer the understated elegance of the N°350 art ceiling light or the sculptural look of the N°2080 graphic pendant, Perzel has the light you need. For your kitchen. Or for every room in your home.
And, whether in terms of size, color, shape or finish, Atelier Jean Perzel tailors its fixtures to perfectly match your space and preferences. You get a truly bespoke lighting solution.

Visit our showroom or browse our online catalog to discover how Perzel fixtures can redefine the art of living in your kitchen.