Émaux de Longwy & Sculptures de Max Le Verrier : Partenaires d'excellence de l'Atelier Jean Perzel

The Atelier Jean Perzel, a flagship of French design lighting since 1923, has always cultivated a close link with exceptional craftsmanship.
This quest for excellence is reflected in lasting partnerships with renowned houses. A sincere sharing of the same passion for French creation and quality.

Among these historic partners, two names in particular stand out: the Longwy Enamels and the sculptures of Max Le Verrier.
Their creations, now on display in the Atelier Jean Perzel’s showroom in Paris, illustrate a remarkably rich artistic dialogue.

Longwy Enamels

A symphony of colors

Founded in 1798, the manufacture of Longwy Enamels is one of France’s oldest and most prestigious earthenware factory. It perpetuates a demanding craft tradition, producing pieces of incomparable beauty and quality. Each of their pieces is the fruit of meticulous craftsmanship and boundless creativity.

It’s no doubt for all these reasons that this manufacture, like the Atelier Jean Perzel, has been awarded with the french label “Living Heritage Company”.
This label, awarded by the French government, is a mark of public recognition aimed at distinguishing French companies with exceptional know-how.

And indeed, these two companies have enjoyed a relationship based on shared values for decades. Respect for tradition, innovation, excellence… in itself, a mutual esteem for high-quality French craftsmanship.

In the Atelier Jean Perzel showroom, visitors can admire and acquire a carefully chosen selection of Longwy enamels.

Highlighted alongside Perzel lighting fixtures, this joint presence creates a harmonious, elegant and timeless atmosphere… A presence that also illustrates French craftsmanship excellence.

Max Le Verrier

Sculpture in the service of light

Max Le Verrier, renowned French sculptor of the 20th century, is another historic partner of the Atelier Jean Perzel.

His cast-iron sculptures bring a touch of grace and sophistication to the spaces where they are displayed. Max Le Verrier’s creations are also a precious witness to the spirit of the 30s: a daring, luminous and fascinating era.
Women idealized under the canons of Art Deco, sought-after postures, animals, … All inspired by Greco-Egyptian antiquity and modernism.

Know-how, purity of lines and perfect mastery of volumes: his work naturally dialogues with the lighting from the Atelier Jean Perzel.

Their presence in the Atelier Jean Perzel showroom adds an extra dimension to the atmosphere of harmony and elegance that reigns in this space dedicated to the art of living. Max Le Verrier’s sculptures blend harmoniously with the lighting fixtures, creating an aesthetically coherent whole.

A timeless artistic dialogue

The collaboration between the Atelier Jean Perzel, Longwy Enamels and Max Le Verrier illustrates a common passion for art and creation. Each partner brings its unique know-how, contributing to the creation of exceptional works.

Today, the showroom of Atelier Jean Perzel showcases these iconic collaborations, embodying the excellence of French craftsmanship. Visitors can admire and acquire unique pieces, the fruit of ancestral know-how and boundless creativity.

Whether you’re looking for exceptional lighting for your home or simply a lover of decorative art, the Atelier Jean Perzel invites you to discover these unique creations, sold on-demand at the best prices.
Let yourself be transported by the beauty of Longwy enamels and the finesse of Max Le Verrier’s sculptures, magnified by the light of the Atelier Jean Perzel.