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Whether at home or in your art gallery, getting the right lighting to highlight your favorite works is not always easy. Blinding or misdirected light, misplaced shadows or annoying reflections… the choice is difficult.
Luxury lighting fixtures may be your solution.

Discover how to find the light that enhances and respects every detail of your works of art. Explore luxury lighting fixtures that reveal colors and shapes. Those that sublimate, with finesse and precision, your most precious pieces. 

The importance of exceptional lighting

Lighting plays a vital role in enhancing works of art. Its primary objective is to captivate and direct the eye to the beauty of a particular piece.
Having said that, achieving this ideal is sometimes a challenge. 

Ill-fitting ceiling lights can create shadows that obscure details or alter the desired mood. Sconces, on the other hand, can emit light that is too intense and direct. They then dazzle the viewer instead of highlighting the subtle nuances of the artwork.

Color fidelity is another major issue. Inappropriate lighting can distort original hues. This phenomenon leads to a false appreciation of the work, where deep reds lose their vigor and blues their serenity.

On the other hand, a poorly chosen fixture risks imposing itself to the detriment of the artwork itself. Instead of discreetly serving its purpose, it may inadvertently attract attention, becoming the focal point. This imbalance between lighting and art object can distract, even diminish the visual and emotional impact of the work.

Carefully designed and strategically placed lighting ensures that each creation is perceived at its true value. With exceptional lighting, every color, every nuance, is faithfully expressed, allowing the work to captivate the eye, as it deserves.

Perzel luminaires: the secret of an enhanced work of art

Perzel presents itself as the ideal solution if you’re looking for lighting that respects and magnifies art.
Perzel’s objective has always been clear: exploit light rays as much as possible to get as close as possible to natural light

Perzel luminaires are distinguished by their ability to offer optimum light without glare, thanks to even distribution and controlled intensity. And if that’s not enough, ingenious pivoting cover systems give you even more control over the lighting. 

Their elegant design blends harmoniously into any exhibition space, enhancing the work without ever dominating it. And their timelessness makes them perfect for any art collection.

The hardest part may be knowing which one to choose…

What luxury lighting for your works of art?

Choosing the ideal luminaire for a work of art requires consideration of several factors: the type of artwork, its location and the desired ambience.

Atelier Perzel offers a personalized consultation to help select or design the perfect custom fixture. In this way, each work of art can be seen at its best.

Perzel sconces for your art collection

Sconces are obviously a great idea for highlighting your favorite painting.
And some models, like the N° 650, N°651 or N°542 bis seem to have been imagined specifically for this purpose. The bronze basins project an ascending light that adds height to the room. The frosted glass cascades soften and diffuse the light, eliminating harsh shadows.  The overall effect is soothing and the work perfectly showcased.

Other sconces, this time linear, can also be a very wise choice. The wall light N°521 A model is particularly appreciated by collectors. 
Or again this sconce N°314 with its magnificent cylinder play. Discreet and effective, it’s equally at home in a modern setting or a much more classic decor.

Lamps, floor lamps and hanging lamps: the perfect complement to your works of art

In addition to sconces, other lighting fixtures are true enhancers of art.

Admire how these two floor lamps N°38 sublimate this piece of furniture in this gallery!

What if you made a bold choice… an imposing suspended ceiling light N°2080 to illuminate a small statue, as below.
Here it’s all about contrasts. Black and white. Angles and curves. The work becomes poignant.

Primavera Gallery - REF. 13C

Much more sober and discreet, table lamps can be used to direct light more easily. Lightweight, they can be moved to suit your mood.
But some offer modular systems. This is particularly true of the lamp N°230 above. The frosted cylinder is covered by a cover that pivots to direct the light as required. 

Whether you want to highlight, illuminate or stage your art collections, Atelier Jean Perzel has the lighting fixture for you. Delicate wall lights, elegant floor lamps or bold ceiling lights, Perzel creates atmospheres where each work can express itself fully. And we tailor them to transform your vision into reality.
Investing in quality lighting is a wise choice, not only for showcasing your works of art but also for enriching your living space.