Wall Light 1142 D

Focus on the Wall Light 1142 D Jean Perzel

Wall Light 1142 D by Jean Perzel

Our wall light 1142 D is a timeless model with elegant lines that can be integrated in any type of decor.
Many designers use it especially as bathroom lighting, on either side of a mirror. Indeed, frosted or enamelled glass offers total comfort, exploiting the light source as much as possible while maintaining a diffuse and pleasant light.
The Designer Kristi Will has specifically chosen this wall lamp 1142 D by Jean Perzel for lighting all the bathrooms of Stinson Beach Villa.

Do not hesitate to discover all variations or similar wall sconces by Jean Perzel : the wall light 313 A, the wall light 313 A bis, mostly used as bedside lamp, the wall light 1140, the wall light 1141, the wall light 1141 bis, the wall light 1142, the wall light 1142 bis and the 1142 ter, perfects for an ideal bathroom lighting.