This year 2023 marks the 100 YEARS
of the Atelier Jean Perzel

In the world of Decorative Art and lighting, the Ateliers Jean Perzel have been synonymous with excellence and innovation for a century now.
To mark the centenary of our house, Jean-Jacques Wattel, renowned expert in Decorative Arts of the 20th century, published an exceptional art book with Louvre-Victoire editions. Plunging readers into a captivating adventure, this book retraces a century of lighting creation, highlighting the talent and invaluable heritage of the Ateliers Jean Perzel.

This art book is available for sale at the Atelier Jean Perzel showroom for €70 incl. VAT.
It is also available on the Éditions Louvre Victoire website and in several bookshops and platforms dedicated to books.

Livre d’art "Ateliers Jean Perzel – l’efficacité de la lumière" par Jean-Jacques Wattel

A tribute to exceptional craftsmanship

Jean-Jacques Wattel’s work is much more than a simple collection of photographs. Indeed, it offers an in-depth exploration of the know-how and creativity that have made the Ateliers Jean Perzel a reference in the field of artistic lighting. By describing the beginnings of the company and its history, the author reveals the mentality of Jean Perzel whose major concerns went far beyond aesthetic lighting. All of this demonstrates Perzel’s constant commitment to exceptional craftsmanship.

A journey through the evolution of lighting design

Throughout the pages, the reader is invited to travel through time and discover the evolution of lighting design over the last century. From emblematic creations of the 1920s with modernist lines, adaptation to the different styles and tastes of the 1950s, to contemporary design… Thus, the book offers a unique perspective on the evolution of tastes and trends in terms of lighting.

A celebration of prestigious collaborations

The Ateliers Jean Perzel have always maintained close ties with great architects and decorators of international renown. This is why this book also pays tribute to these prestigious collaborations and artistic projects that have marked history. While shedding light on the design processes and innovative ideas that gave birth to these masterpieces.

A bright heritage for the future

Beyond its historical aspect, the book also explores how the Ateliers Jean Perzel continue to innovate and reinvent themselves to meet the needs and demands of the times. New lighting trends, technological advances and contemporary challenges are discussed, showing how the company has been able to adapt while preserving its unique heritage.

In conclusion, this art book is a dazzling celebration of the Ateliers Jean Perzel and their exceptional contribution to the history of Decorative Art and lighting, through 100 years of history.

Browsing through its pages, readers are transported to a universe where aesthetics and functionality meet harmoniously. While reflecting the excellence and timeless elegance of the Jean Perzel creations.
Whether you are a design enthusiast, a collector or simply an art lover, this art book offers a captivating immersion in the fascinating world of lighting creation. It bears witness to the lasting impact of the Ateliers Jean Perzel on artistic heritage and the world of light.
If you are interested in our history, you can also read this article retracing the 100 years of this luminous history more quickly. But we can only advise you to read this book by Jean-Jacques Wattel.

The author

Jean Jacques Wattel has been an expert specializing in Decorative Arts and Design since the 90s. In 2022, he created his own Auction House, ARP, Art Research Paris. He is also the author of numerous works on Ceramics and Tapestry, as well as monographs devoted to designers such as Mattia Bonetti, Roland Mellan (to be published) and now Jean Perzel.

The editor

Founded in 1986, the expert firm Louvre Victoire, specializing in 20th century decorative arts, has extended its activities through Editions Louvre Victoire. This publishing house regularly presents extensively documented specialized works in the fields of Decorative Arts, Design, Architecture, History and Photography.