Art Deco Residence in Peredelkino

Luxurious Art Deco style in a Russian Residence

Peredelkino was originally a village of writers, founded by Stalin in the 1930s in the countryside bordering the suburbs of Moscow, Russia.
The owners of this magnificent house have therefore wanted to recreate a luxurious atmosphere inspired by Art Deco, the flagship style of the time. Most of the decoration was done by hand, with details worthy of the finest Art Deco encyclopedias, and supplemented by exclusive articles. This is why Sergei Surovtsev of TM Design, the designer in charge of this project, turned to the Atelier Jean Perzel to illuminate this residence. We can find our fixtures everywhere : dining room, reading room, bathroom, stairs, bedrooms … and of all kinds : wall lights, ceiling lamps, lamps, …

A true anthem of the most luxurious style of all times : many sculpted glass walls, polished marble, exotic lacquered woods, huge ceilings, wide openings and exceptional furniture and light fixtures.

Discover these few photographs of this Art Deco Residence in Peredelkino, where you can see in the staircases our wall sconces No. 542 bis and our ceiling lights 2075 S ; in the dining room, our sconces No. 650 ; the wall lamps 313 A bis with a swivel cover illuminate the bedroom mirror ; the bathroom is illuminated by a ceiling light 354 bis S and adjustable wall lights 1217 M ; the living room & reading corner of this Art Deco residence is illuminated by our wall lights 658, a ceiling light No. 373 as well as the prestigious lamp 162.

Photos © TM Design