Collection Lightings

Founded in 1923, the Atelier Jean Perzel has been pursuing for almost a 100 years the artisanal manufacture of all its collection luminaires : lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps and ceiling lamps… each of our fixtures is created artisanally and individually with the same passion and the same precision as in 1923.

Our collection luminaires have been chosen to illuminate legendary decors like the Hall of the Lost Steps of the UN Palace, the SS Normandy liner, the Luxembourg Cathedral, the Museum of Modern Art in Paris and the interiors of the greatest architects and decorators…

Distinguished by the label “Living Heritage Company”, the Atelier Jean Perzel was rewarded for its know-how as a creator of collection luminaires, respecting the artisan tradition, but also for the transmission of this know-how, perpetuated from generation to generation. All the luminaires of the Atelier Jean Perzel breathe the history of the 20th century while remaining always as current, modern and elegant.