Jean Perzel Legend

16 years old Jean Perzel, top of his glassmaker master class, starts a European tour by foot, to complete his training.
After World War I, Jean Perzel settles in Paris.
It’s the 20s’, electric lighting is spreading but it’s still very rough, light is raw.
Jean Perzel is the first to think about soothing and harmful effects of light on the eyes.
Numerous iconic models will be designed.
Each one is conceived to give all its power to light, while decorating a room and being pleasant to live.

Jean Perzel creates a lamp with a swiveling shade to allow students from the Cité Universitaire to modulate the light.


Jean Perzel creates the first print of this bronze arm of light. Sand cast bronze is still used today.


Jean Perzel creates the first lighted glass slabs. Up to today, they are still cut with diamonds.


Jean Perzel substitutes fabric for bronze lampshades, with a white finish interior, to better direct the light.


Jean Perzel combines Fresnel lenses and bronze to magnify light.