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Wall Light 542 bis by Jean Perzel

Wall light 542 bis Jean Perzel

Our wall light 542 bis is an Art Deco jewel created by Jean Perzel in the 30’s. This wall light is always manufactured with the same artisanal know-how, in Jean Perzel workshops since three generations.
The extra-white optical glass slats, with their sumptuous and glittering design, are hand cut with a diamond. They are then highlighted by a fine bronze frame and support a double bowls in bronze and frosted glass.

Available in various finishes so that it can be integrated in all decors, the wall light 542 bis from the Atelier Jean Perzel is signed, like all our collection.
Sobriety, elegance, and sumptuous materials… discover this wall light 542 bis without waiting.

The glass is an extraordinary source of creativity, discover all the variants or similar wall lamps of the Atelier Jean Perzel with volumes and forms that combine modernity and elegance : the sconces 542 and 542 D, with an other graphic study of the mountings, without forgetting the sumptuous 650 wall lamp, an Art Deco treasure.
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1142 D

The wall light No. 1142 D by Jean Perzel

The wall light 1142 D is a timeless model with elegant lines. that can be integrated in any type of decor. Thanks to its sober and harmonious design, this wall light can be integrated into any type of decor.
Living rooms, halls, bathroom, bedroom, media room, stairs… illuminate each room with elegance thanks to this wall light of collection. The Jean Perzel signature is affixed on this model as on all our production.

Bathrooms illuminated by wall lights No. 1142 D by Jean Perzel

Many designers use it especially as bathroom lighting, on either side of a mirror. Indeed, frosted or enamelled glass offers total comfort, exploiting the light source as much as possible while maintaining a diffuse and pleasant light.
Thanks to the wall light No. 1142 D by Jean Perzel, you can truly highlight faces.

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Lamp 313 bis : an extreme comfort

Jean Perzel himself created this lamp in 1928 for his nightstand.
As we talked about in the article “Bedside lamp and visual comfort“, to enjoy this comfort suitable for any activity in your bedroom, choose an appropriate light source.

The lamp 313 bis, thanks to its adjustable cache, can completely modulate its intensity with an outstanding comfort : direct light for reading or working, indirect light for a cozy atmosphere, waking up gently or watching a movie for example .

Lamp 313 bis : an innovative design

Its small and tiered base and its slightly off-center light source offer to this lamp a contemporary and very design aesthetic. A design shape and practical and innovative use for an exceptional lamp created in 1928.
As you can see from the photos below, this collectible lamp fits perfectly into any decor.

Light Cube : Design & timeless

The lamp 575 of the Atelier Jean Perzel is a table lamp with square base which will embellish your interior perfectly and can serve as a decorative lamp in a living room, in a hallway or simply as a bedside lamp.

This light cube boasts a minimalist look, extremely design and very elegant. It is available, at choice, in chrome, highly polished brass, matt or shiny nickel, red copper or black chrome.

Our luminous cube, with his timeless design, brings a soft, flickering light in every room in your home. This lamp will fit perfectly as bedside lamp in your bedroom or in your living room as a decorative table lamp.

You can find this light cube spirit with the ceiling light 2075, the chandelier 2075 S or the floor lamp 119.

This lamp is signed, as all our production.

Lamp 511 bis by Jean Perzel

Outstanding functionality

Very practical and functional, the head of our lamp 511 bis is swiveling 360° allowing to direct the luminous flux exactly where you want. This clever lamp therefore offers great freedom of use.
In addition, its prismatic glass is anti-blinding and thus allows great visual comfort.

In the living room as a reading light, in an office, or bedroom as a bedside lamp, our lamp brings a decorative touch with its undeniable bold style : a real little jewel of the 30s.

Personalize it to your wishes thanks to the many finishes available.
Handmade by unit by Atelier Jean Perzel Artisans, more than one hundred hours of work are required to create it. Each lamp is signed, making pledge of exceptional quality.

A great history for a small lamp

Jean Perzel imagined this lamp in the 1930s. Surprising for these times, it changed the codes of design by its shape and its extraordinary functionality.

In 1936, it already appeared in numerous magazines and was the star of an office exhibited at the Decorative Artists Exhibition. Over the years, it was often the first choice to functionally illuminate the offices of big names in decoration.

Lamp 511 bis by Jean Perzel

Our lamp 511 bis was also selected for the exhibition “Lights, I think of you” at the Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris) in 1985. An international panorama of lights, from the late 19th century to 1985, was presented thanks to loans from major international museums, collectors and merchants, manufacturers, and French and foreign designers.

To conclude, although it was created in the 1930s, the lamp 511 bis does indeed have a constant modernity which has made it cross the ages … without aging.