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This beautiful apartment in the 7th arrondissement of Paris has been renovated and decorated by NEVA Architecture.
Created by Margaux Carnevali, this interior design agency creates sustainable and unique spaces that respect the personality, tastes, desires and constraints of its customers.

To highlight this project, NEVA has chosen Atelier Jean Perzel to bring a touch both retro and modern to this beautiful apartment.
Different shapes and models of luminaires have been chosen to delimit each space.
For example, the visual separation between the living room and the dining room, separated by a wall before the renovation, has been recreated to delimit these two spaces thanks to a custom furniture and two ceiling lights by Jean Perzel corresponding to the shape of the piece they illuminate: a ceiling lamp REF. 359 for the living room, and a REF. 350 for the dining room.
In the living room, a superb bow window is put forward as a separate piece, dedicated to chess games. This space is illuminated by two beautiful wall lights n ° 326 A.
As for the beautiful entrance, it is illuminated by the beautiful light through the custom stained glass and by a nice design ceiling light with high light output, reference No. 2045 signed Jean Perzel.

Thanks to the expertise of the NEVA Interior Design agency, this apartment with a sophisticated decoration manages to blend the modern side with the more classic notes of the Haussmann apartments.

NEVA Architecture Intérieure
7 rue Daniel Stern – 75015 Paris

Luxurious Art Deco style in a Russian Residence

Peredelkino was originally a village of writers, founded by Stalin in the 1930s in the countryside bordering the suburbs of Moscow, Russia.
The owners of this magnificent house have therefore wanted to recreate a luxurious atmosphere inspired by Art Deco, the flagship style of the time. Most of the decoration was done by hand, with details worthy of the finest Art Deco encyclopedias, and supplemented by exclusive articles. This is why Sergei Surovtsev of TM Design, the designer in charge of this project, turned to the Atelier Jean Perzel to illuminate this residence. We can find our fixtures everywhere : dining room, reading room, bathroom, stairs, bedrooms … and of all kinds : wall lights, ceiling lamps, lamps, …

A true anthem of the most luxurious style of all times : many sculpted glass walls, polished marble, exotic lacquered woods, huge ceilings, wide openings and exceptional furniture and light fixtures.

Discover these few photographs of this Art Deco Residence in Peredelkino, where you can see in the staircases our wall sconces No. 542 bis and our ceiling lights 2075 S ; in the dining room, our sconces No. 650 ; the wall lamps 313 A bis with a swivel cover illuminate the bedroom mirror ; the bathroom is illuminated by a ceiling light 354 bis S and adjustable wall lights 1217 M ; the living room & reading corner of this Art Deco residence is illuminated by our wall lights 658, a ceiling light No. 373 as well as the prestigious lamp 162.

Photos © TM Design

Victoria Hagan Interiors

Since the foundation of her eponymous business 25 years ago, Victoria Hagan has been celebrated for her work, impressively blending architectural and interior design. As Jean Perzel, Victoria Hagan celebrates the use of high quality materials, sophisticated creations and sleek lines. This is probably why she approaches our Workshop for some of her projects.

Manhattan Art Deco Apartment

Inspired by the 1930s style, the famous designer accompanied by architect Peter Pennoyer wanted to renovate in Art Deco style a Manhattan apartment. On the 11th floor, the view is stunning : the river just below, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens… everything gives the impression of being on the deck of a luxurious 1930s liner. This is how the idea came to them : Peter Pennoyer wished that the renovation aspires to “a light-handed Art Deco classicism inspired by the luxury ships of the 1930s”; Victoria Hagan insisted the decor have a contemporary attitude. “We were influenced by the period, but we didn’t reproduce it literally,” she says.

Art Deco Living room

Bathed in light, the living room of this New York apartment has been renovated in a refined and elegant style, recalling that Art Deco style brings a timeless touch to each creation.
Each of the details, like the rest of the residence, was designed and built according this line of conduct set by Victoria Hagan and Peter Pennoyer.
For instance, the reading point near the fireplace is strangely similar to Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann’s style. Our wall lights No. 1137, also elegant and timeless, were chosen to illuminate this remarkable piece at dusk. Some of the armchairs were also present on the Normandie liner, which we know well at Atelier Jean Perzel.

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A Manhattan Apartment With Stunning Views – Architectural Digest
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Victoria Hagan Interiors

A console is a small table to place in a hallway, near the front door, under a mirror or large painting. In an entry, this handy and decorative furniture welcomes all everyday objects: purse, car keys, mail,… It also hosts willingly vases, photo frames, lamps and other decorative items in a living room.

Console table No. 31M by Jean Perzel

The Console n°31 M: a sleek, luxurious and contemporary design

In this picture, we present the Console model 31 M from our workshop, the Atelier Jean Perzel. Located in an entry, because it is so compact, under a large decorative painting, it carries a beautiful glass vase and the table lamp 234 by Jean Perzel.

Durable and solid, this glass console permanently remain in perfect condition. Its feet in chrome metal finish bring a refined touch to this sleek and discreet cabinet with rounded corners: purity of forms and elegance are the hallmarks of this console table that becomes an essential element in contemporary and design interior.

Our console table collection

The entire collection of console table by the Atelier Jean Perzel comes in customized sizes. We also leave the choice of all the details : sandblasted or transparent glass, metal stand (finishing with choice also) or glass base, sharp or rounded edges.
They were created through the desire and the passion for timeless volumes, shapes and materials that are both modern and elegant.

Contemporary bathroom - Sutton Suzuki Architects

Here is a magnificent contemporary bathroom located in a Californian beach house and decorated by the architects studio of Sutton Suzuki.

1142 D

Very refined, the combination of brown and white is beautiful here by the contrast between the “hot” and “cold.” The brown, color of the earth, brought a natural atmosphere enhanced with elegance by four of our wall sconces 1142 D.

Perfect lighting for your bathroom

These modern and design wall sconces, placed on either side of mirrors, highlight the faces. Indeed, for total comfort, good lighting is essential in the bathrooms. This is why Jean Perzel wall sconces are ideal for the bathroom thanks to their ability to maximize the light source while keeping a diffuse and pleasant light.

All these decorative elements combine perfectly to give a timeless and elegant look to this contemporary bathroom.

Bedside lamp 509 bis

Well-thought-out lighting for your bedroom

The bedroom requires a well thought out lighting to be adaptable to different aspects of the day. Besides the obvious activities such as lie down and sleep well, it is also a space where you can read a book, study, work calmly, watching a movie, etc.
To fully enjoy these activities at any time, choose a suitable light source.

The Lampe 509 bis, a pearl of comfort

Visual comfort offered by this bedside lamp, model 509 bis of the Atelier Jean Perzel, is particularly suited to lighting bedroom and office. The innovative design of the lamp No. 509 bis, the result of extensive research into the impact and intensity of light, brings a true visual comfort, that is still very popular today.

The swivel shade of the bedside lamp is used to adapt the light intensity according to the desired use. From a very modern design – and yet created in 1929 by Jean Perzel (discover the story of this lamp, originally created for the Cité Universitaire in Paris, by clicking here) – this bedside lamp allows to have more or less light intensity by simply rotating the shade in front of the illuminated part of the lamp.

Placed on either side of the bed, the bedside lamp creates the perfect lighting to avoid unnecessary eye strain and emanate your bedroom a calm and relaxing atmosphere for relaxation.

Visual comfort, a major importance for Jean Perzel

Jean Perzel was aware that visual comfort was essential for beautiful, diffuse and functional lighting. He also created other models of lamps allowing to adapt the light, usable in bedside or in office lighting… Like the model 313 BIS, the lamp 936, or the reading lamp 1143 L. The forms and the designs vary, but the swivel shade will soften or concentrate the light beam, for absolute visual comfort in all circumstances.